You May Not Realize It, But You Probably Have A Thing Called Dead Butt Syndrome


It appears good in those yoga gasps you probably shouldn’t have plummeted half your paycheck on.

And it can give you style too much trouble sometimes when it comes to findingthe perfect pair of jeans.

But somehow, it was better lives its entire life in your shadow.

Yup, it’s your butt.

And I dislike to break it to you but, it’s most likely dead.

At first, dead butt syndrome voiced like a fake medical diagnosis that my brother would try to convince me I have.

But it’s a real thing.

And “youre supposed to” don’t even know you have it.

Apparently your booty doesn’t know either, because this medical circumstance is also known as gluteal amnesia.

Dead butt syndrome develops when the gluteus medius( one of the three main muscles within your glutes) stops firing correctly.

This have contributed to overall inflammation of the muscles in the area, and sometimes even lower back ache or unhappy hips, as your body tries to compensate for your inactive glutes.

You can develop dead butt disorder if you happen if you invest too much time sitting down( hello, 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.desk task ), or if you simply don’t involve the booty as much as you are able to during your workouts.

You knowwhen your friendstell you to stop being lazy and get off your butt?

Rather than receiving their tease asan unwelcome reminder of your obsession, youcan now consider that some quality medical advice.

They’re only lookin’ out for your deceased posterior.

It may seem bizarre for a muscle to just stop functioning out of nowhere.

But it’s actually a lot easier than you think for your glutes to diminish and stop working properly.

The muscles in your behind have to work to maintain a very particular balance in order to keep you moving and get you where you need to go.

When that balance is thrown off, you’ve got a dead butt on your hands( or, your behind, technically ).

So, if you’re in the great group of people who are sitting down for the majority of your period, your hip flexors are constantly contracting, while your glutes are just doing nothing at all.

You’re basically teaching the muscles there to be weak, and eventually inactive, without even realizing it.

RIP rear end.

And this actually doesn’t only apply to those of you working desk chores every day. The same disorder can develop for athletes and fitness fanatics( specially routine athletes) that have super strong hammies and quads, but neglect their glute muscles.

TBH , nobody is safe from the doom of dead butt.

But don’t lose hope for a full and prosperous life for your booty.

There are plenty ofsimple ways to revive your rump but you’ve got to commit.

If you suppose you have dead butt( you’ll know it if you do it’s literally a sharp pain in your ass ), you are able to redres it by taking littlebreaks from sitting throughout the day, or even just reminding yourself to squeeze your cheeks periodically at your desk( anyone else involuntarily clench when “youre reading” that ?).

No one will know, and you’ll be the one with a butt full of life in the end, amirite?

However, if you’re on the fitnessendof dead butt, be sure to add squats, leg raises, and bridges to your regular routine.

Oh, and ankle weights and resist bands is certainly be your new BFFs if you’re trying to bring your butt back to life.

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