Woman with third-degree burns warns against essential oils: ‘It’s been hell’


Essential petroleums are one of the many buzzed-about products in the alternative medicine community today. Depending on the type, the petroleums are thought to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase concentration, among other touted benefits.

But one lady recognized a dramatically different consequence after oiling up during a hot yoga class third-degree chemical smolders and now, shes trying to prevent the same thing from happening to other people.


In a viral Facebook post, Elise Nguyen shared several photos of scorched and blistered skin on her wrists and neck, which she claims she suffered after utilizing the oil to her body then stepping into a tanning bed in late March. In her April 16 post, she recounts how she went to the tan bed one hour after practising yoga to prepare for an upcoming wedding in Jamaica.

The next day, Nguyen writes, she realise something was terribly wrong.

I noticed annoyance where I applied the oil. Initially I thought it was a reaction to a new laundry detergent, she writes. Well over the next couple of periods, I developed nasty blisters due to a chemical burn.

Nguyen points out that, after the fact, she spotted a tiny label on the oil bottles, who the hell is made by the company Doterra, cautioning against going into UV rays or sunlight for up to 12 hours after application.


Currently, I’m on day 22 of this burn, she writes in the post. I still have open areas and they are continuing hurt if I hit them wrong.

Nguyen specifies she doesnt blame the company for her injuries, but she recommends other yogis not to induce the same mistake. Visualizing as essential petroleums are commonly used in yoga classes on participates necks and wrists, her warning isnt unwarranted.

Every yogi that I’ve talked to had not yet been clue that this could have happened, she writes. So as summer is getting closer, and the climate is get nicer, I just want everyone to be aware of this. Please, please read the bottles of anything you put one over your scalp. I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. It’s been hell.

Since being shared on Facebook, Nguyens images had received virtually 136,000 shares and 40,000 reactions as of Thursday afternoon.

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