Woman Hears Stranger Call Her A Stampeding Rhino, So She Ditches Bad Habits To Lose 100 Pounds


Eva Warne says that she was always the’ bigger friend ,’ but it never attained her change her habits. The young woman admitted to binging on takeout, despite the healthy meals her mom cooked for her.

She weighed in at only over 250 pounds before she decided to make a change. Her instant of actualization went when she overheard someone compare her to a’ stampeding rhino’ as she operated to catch a train.

When she changed her behaviors, she started find the weight fall off and slimmed down to a healthy 150 pounds. That’s 100 pounds out the window!

Eva is now proud of her new look, and how she seems. The preschool teacher no longer runs out of breath while played with older children. As an added bonus, she can now fit into the clothes she truly wants to wear!

You can read more about the young woman’s astounding weight loss in the post below.