Why dont I have any friends? You asked Google heres the answer | Annalisa Barbieri


Every day billions of internet users ask Google lifes most difficult questions, big and small. Our novelists answer some of the commonest queries

This could be for a variety of reasons and virtually all, in some direct or indirect route, are probably your fault. This is harsh, isnt it? But fact is very important in friendships and if we are to be friends for the time it takes you to read this article then its important I tell you how things are. If you think this is too abrasive, thats the first reason, right there, you probably dont have any friends: you cant handle the truth and lack self-awareness.

The second reason may be attributed to your age. If you are very young, well, youre probably not reading this. But in childhood we tend to look for pals who live close by and with whom we have common interests. So if you dont have any friends you are able simply not have anyone you can pal up with yet. Thats OK, although it probably doesnt feel like it.

I spent all of my school life on the peripheries of other peoples friendships. Those with best friend seemed impossibly safeguarded. If merely Id known then that not shackling myself to any one friend could, and would, actually stimulate me better at friendships later in life.

If you move around frequently as a child( or as an adult ), you can either become very, very good at induce pals( having to fit in fast, ever having to play everyone elses plays) or very, even worse, because you simply get fed up with not being able to put down roots.

In adolescence, trust and allegiance become very important. It can be difficult if you dont find anyone who is a kindred spirit, and it can seem as if everyone is more popular than you. As anyone who has ever befriended a teen on Facebook will know( Facebook is dead to the young, of course, but a few still use it ), they have literally thousands of friends but not inevitably many real pals.

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