Who is Hollywood’s best Chris? We finally have a scientific-as-hell answer


Its the issue that has subdivided friend groups and water coolers across America. Youve argued about it with your granny and that daughter from high school on Facebook. Which Chris is the best: Hemsworth, Pine, Evans, or Pratt?

As Pine himself pointed out on Saturday Night Live , they may be difficult to tell apart. Theyre all white chiseled guys in their mid-3 0s who star in major Hollywood franchises. Hemsworth and Evans are superheroes, while Pratt and Pine opposed space cruelty with diverse bands of intergalactic misfits.( But at the least Pratt has a talking raccoon .)

Ones favorite Chris is a matter of taste, of course, but to save you hour at your next household function, the Daily Dot has devised an empirical answer to the debate that never terminates. To ascertain the best Chrisonce and for allwe looked at their social media following, Google makes, box-office earnings, search traffic, and critical acclaim. These statistics were then ranked. A first-place rating earned four phases, while second place merited three points, third place two points, and coming in last just one point.

If youre one of the two people who loves the Thor movies, you may not want to read on.

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Social media following

Measured by Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

1) Pratt2 0.7 million adherents

Twitter: 4.4 million

Instagram: 12.7 million

Facebook: 3.6 million

Pratt is very good at Instagram. The reluctant fitness enthusiastwho stays on a constant diet because of his Marvel scheduleplays a recurring play with his adherents, Whats My Snack? In the segment, a befuddled Pratt attempts to pronounce the name of whatever concoction his trainers have devised for him today: Kuh-kay-oh bay-oh-bab banana chia? His posts are alluring and self-effacing, stimulating it is therefore difficult not to fall in love with him.

2) Hemsworth1 8.7 million

Twitter: 2.4 million

Instagram: 10.4 million

Facebook: 5.9 million

Hemsworths following is solid and well-rounded. He comes in second in the number of Facebook and Instagram followers, which matches where he places overall. But his presence, while ubiquitous, is fairly blandwhich is a perfect metaphor for Hemsworth himself.

3) Evans1 2.7 million

Twitter: 5.8 million

Instagram: N/ A

Facebook: 6.9 million

Evans has a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, which highlight the actors good-natured guilelessness. The humankind just is Captain America. But what really hurts him in this tally is not being on Instagram, although a number of devoted devotee pages upload photos of the hunky, hunky superhero for him.

4) PineN/ A

Twitter: N/ A

Instagram: N/ A

Facebook: N/ A

Pine isnt socially active, which both constructs him awesome and ensures he comes in dead last in this race. If youre the type of person who is of the view that not being on Facebook is the ultimate panty-dropper, Mr. James T. Kirk is the Chris for you.

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Google hittings

Measured by Google Search Engine

1) Evans9 5.4 million

The internet truly enjoys Evans, but more than anything, it adoration his opposites-attract intrigue with Jenny Slate. Evans met the former Parks and Rec actress( also known for voicing Marcel the Shell) on the placed of the indie drama Gifted . The two broke up last year, but the majority of members of Evans search hittings outside of the Captain America franchise are about their relationship. In April, E! proclaimed Evans the best ex-boyfriend ever.

2) Pine3 6.9 million

Pine was perhaps the least well-known of the four Chrises until very recently, but hes definitely having a moment. After a great hosting gig on Saturday Night Live , he depicted raves for playing Steve Trevor in Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman . Elle recently asked when Pine got so hot, but anyone who determined Princess Diary 2 knows hes always been hot. America ultimately noticed.

3) Pratt2 8.8 million

Its something of a surprise that Pratt didnt place higher on this list. The former Parks and Rec actor first made waves on the internet after bulking up for Kathryn Bigelows Zero Dark Thirty and became an absolute phenomenon afterthanks to his numerous roles in megahits like Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy . If anything, his lack of search traffic shows that the constant Pratt charm attack may be too much of a good thing. Even when youre famous, distance stimulates the heart develop fonder.

4) Hemsworth8. 6 million

Hemsworth is at something of a drawback, because relevant actors search traffic tend to be tied to their franchise. Of all the Marvel superheroes, Thor has been the least well-served by his film serieswhich has struggled to fit the comics campy tint with the Wagner-like ambitions of directors Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor. Taika Waititi may be the man to eventually master Thor with the upcoming Ragnarok . Early trailers showcase a light-hearted vibe similar to Waititis vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows .

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Box-office earnings

Measured by Box Office Mojo

1) Evansworldwide: $6.3 billion, domestic $2.4 billion

Biggest earner: The Avengers ($ 623 million domestic, $1.5 billion global)

Lowest earner: London ($ 20,000 domestic)

Theres a big reason that Evans fares better than his Marvel counterparts when it comes to box-office earnings: Captain America. After the acclaimed Winter Soldier ( the best use of the standalone movies ), Marvel smartly stimulated its follow-up an Avengers reunion. Civil War , referred to by fans as Avengers 2.5 , made a massive $1.2 billion at the world box office. Thats almost twice as much as any Thor outing.

2) Hemsworthworldwide: $5.6 billion, domestic$ 2 billion

Biggest earner: The Avengers ($ 623 million domestic, $1.5 billion global)

Lowest earner: Blind Dating ($ 91,000 domestic)

The Thor movies have been a quiet letdown for the Marvel machine. The Iron Man films have regularly topped$ 1 billion in international box office, while the Captain America movies have become more profitable with each successive movie. The Dark World turned in modest numbers for a Marvel movie: $644 million. But Hemsworth still has the Avengers movies, which have attained virtually$ 3 billion between them.

3) Prattworldwide: $4.7 billion, domestic $2.1 billion

Biggest earner: Jurassic World ($ 652 million domestic, $1.7 billion world)

Lowest earner: 10 Years ($ 228,000 domestic)

These numbers are inordinately impressive given that Pratt, who was one of the few Marvel actors not to appear in Civil War , doesnt have the Avengers movies to fall back on. If you were to cut out the $2.9 billion that those movies have brought in, Pratt would top this list. Andy Dwyer made good.

4) Pineworldwide: $3.2 billion, domestic $1.6 billion

Biggest earner: Wonder Woman ($ 318.4 million domestic, $650 million global)

Lowest earner: Blind Dating ($ 91,000 domestic)

The Star Trek series accounts for more than a third of Pines total box officeearning a decent but not stellar $1.2 billion between them.( Thats less than what Jurassic World made .) But his sun is surely on the rise: Wonder Woman is already Pines most successful film. Made than a sequel is a foregone conclusion, the series could set him much, far higher on this list.

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Search interest

Measured by Google Trends

1) Evans

Peak in interest: May 2016

Using Google Trends, we cross-referenced the four actors over a five-year span. During that time, Evans had the most consistent searchability across the Chrises.

2) Hemsworth

Peak in concern: November 2015

November 2015 giveth to Hemsworth and it taketh away. The actor grabbed headlines for his dramatic metamorphosi in Ron Howards In the Heart of the Sea , a buzzy awards-bait drama. The $100 million epic was loosely inspired by Moby Dick , and Hemsworth went on a 500 -calorie-a-day diet. But despite his dedication, Howards movie was a major bombearning simply $10 million on its opening weekend.

3) Pratt

Peak in interest: June 2015

In addition to wrapping the last season of NBCs beloved Parks and Recreation , 2015 was good to Pratt. Jurassic World made him a household name only a year after Guardians was a sleeper smash. The key statistic here is the latter: The month that Jurassic World debuted in theaters, Pratt had twice as much search traffic as the other actors on this list had during any level in their careers. But certain differences is time: Hemsworth and Evans have had superhero franchises under their belts for six years old. Pratt is a relative newbie.

4) Pine

Peak in concern: June 2017

Like a fine wine, Pine is just starting to peak. But theres great news on the horizon. In addition to another Star Trek film in the works, inferno be co-starring in Ava Duvernays A Wrinkle in Time next year, as well as Outlaw King . That programme will re-team him with administrator David MacKenzie, who helmed the best picture-nominated Hell or High Water . If theres anything that can continue to boost Pines profile after Wonder Woman , its Academy acclaim.

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Critical acclaim

Measured by Metacritic

1) Pine6 0

Best-reviewed film: Hell or High Water

Worst-reviewed film: Just My Luck

Number of positively examined movies: 9

Pine has a softly impressive( and diverse) filmography. Hes done musicals( Into the Woods ), action cinemas( Unstoppable ), sciencefiction( Star Trek ), YA dystopias( Z for Zachariah ), westerns( Hell or High Water ), and comedy( Horrible Bosses 2 ). The latter was nothing to write home about, but playing the entitled son of a sociopathic executive, he was delightfulthe best thing about an otherwise lazy retread.

2) Pratt5 8

Best-reviewed film: Zero Dark Thirty

Worst-reviewed film: Movie 43

Number of positively reviewed cinemas: 9

Pratt boasts three of the most acclaimed movies among any of the Chrises: Zero Dark Thirty , Moneyball , and Her , all of which scored at the least an 88 on Metacritic. But his resume is dragged down by a lot of crucial dud. These include Jem and the Holograms , Delivery Man , Passengers , Whats Your Number? , and most infamously Movie 43 aka that movie where Hugh Jackman has testicles on his chin.

3) Hemsworth5 7

Best-reviewed film: Star Trek

Worst-reviewed film: Red Dawn

Number of positively examined films: 6

If it sounds like weve been down on Hemsworth, its because the Marvel movies havent served him well. But the Aussie actor has some delightful movies under his belt. He was a standout in the Ghostbusters reboot, and Rush while not a success in the U.S.is one of the best movies Ron Howard has ever built. The Cabin in the Woods is a cult phenomenon, and the bonkers tourist thriller A Perfect Getaway deserves its own midnight movie following. Its nuts. He just needs to find more projects that depict why hes the better Hemsworth( not sorry, Liam ).

4) Evans5 2

Best-reviewed film: Snowpiercer

Worst-reviewed film: London

Number of positively examined films: 8

Evans, that beautiful human, has been in a lot of bad freaking movies. London was a critical and commercial calamity, and the age-old Fantastic Four movies werent that much better than the new one. But amid his many failures( Battle for Terra , Push , The Losers , Before We Go ), theres a lot to like. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Cellular are a lot of fun, and Evans also starred in Bong Joon-hos beloved Snowpiercer a dystopian thriller about “the worlds” worst train ride.

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Overall rating

Evans1 5

Pratt1 3

Hemsworth1 2

Pine1 0

Condragulations, Chris Evans! You are the winner of the coming week challenge.

Captain America is clearly the favorite Chris, coming in first in all categories but critical acclaim and social media.( Seriously, get an Instagram account already, dude .) Pratt and Hemsworth nearly tied for second, but Thor was hobbled by his poor search engine traffic. That puts Pine in dead last, but rising promptly. If Mr. Steve Trevor can follow up the success of Wonder Woman with another smash-up( or wiggle his behavior into The Avengers movies ), he had been able to snatch Evans crown yet.

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