Well, someone is spray painting condoms on graffiti dicks in London


Graffiti penis are “outdoor decor” you probably belief you’d instead not encounter. But a safer sexuality proponent from the UK might just change your thinker on that.

An anonymous 28 -year-old Londoner is raising awareness of sexually transmitted infections and the best interests of protection by spray painting condoms on graffiti penis. Yes, you heard that right. And it’s damn genius.

Sure, it’s technically illegal. But it’s also a pretty genius style of starting a conversation about safer sex.

“One night I did some research on STI rates, and then the relevant recommendations just came to me to build stencils of a condom and a associate where people can get free condoms then I merely went out and did it, ” the man, who is an artwork director by period, told BuzzFeed .

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The condom artist has been at it since April, with each fluorescent condom accompanied by the URL for Shine, a reproductive health organization in London rendering free STI screenings and free condoms through six National Health Service clinics.

So far, he’s added about 20 dicks to his portfolio.

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The creative process is basically a graffiti dick scavenger hunt. Wherever the condom vigilante discovers a spray painted penis already in place, he adds a condom. Simple as that.

“If there’s going to be cocks scattered everywhere that nobody wants to see, we are able to as well have people learn something from the cocks, ” he told Buzzfeed .

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In 2015, there used to be approximately 435,000 diagnosis of STIs made in England, mainly impacting straight youth under 25 and men who have sex with men.

The mystery artist has been particularly focused on spreading his message to youth because he noticed many of the graffiti dicks are currently under school bus stops. Shocking.

“It merely shouldn’t be the norm to merely have your wang out, especially unprotected, ” he told Buzzfeed . “I merely thought it sent the incorrect message.”

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The anonymous man-on-a-mission recently started an Instagram to document his safer sex project called @protectcitycocks. And while the creative endeavour is fairly goofy and giggle-worthy, the artist hopes it spreads a serious message.

“I merely hope that this has some positive impact and that it could get more people to use condoms and eventually help lower the STI rates, ” he said.

Insert cheeky “no glove , no love” joke here.

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