We Found The Perfect Workout For Phone Addicts (Aka You)


We all know the sentiment: you want to work out, but you also want to be looking at your phone every second of every day. Sigh. This is what we get for living in a modern society, I suppose. Its like, how is one supposed to concentrate on getting their bikini torso when there are potentially -related comment threads they could be missing? What if while Im trying to get a thigh gap, someone labels me in a crucial and time-sensitive meme? Or, worse yet, what if youre get zen in savasana and end up missing a text? Nightmare. Luckily, we here at Betches are dedicated to you living your best life which entails never, ever missing a notification. Sure, being both physically fit and up on all the latest trending hashtags appears to have been a lot, but we believe in you. You can do it. In reality, weve proven it with a new video that is scientifically designed to ignite maximum calories and gain maximum likes. All you have to do is follow our fitness frameworks moves precisely and youll be on your behavior to having your own successful Fitstagram. Thats what we all really crave, isnt it?

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