Warner Bros. is marketing ‘Wonder Woman’ with diet products


Wonder Woman , a movie about a feminist icon superhero, is being advertised through diet products.

Along with more typical marketing tie-ins likeWonder Woman brand Dr. Pepper cans, Warner Bros . partnered with thinkThin, a protein bar/ diet meat company.They’re running aWonder Woman sweepstakes for thinkThin patrons, and if you spend $15 on theirproducts, you get a$ 5 movie ticket discount.

The Mary Sue spotted the promotion on Twitter, highlighting the uncomfortablejuxtaposition of female empowerment marketing and weight-loss products.

While thinkThin brands itself as a “wellness” company selling protein bars and smoothies, the word “thin” is right there in the name.It’s pretty different from the Under Armor fitness products linked with the Avengers movies.

As The Mary Sue points out, this is athoughtlessly bad option for a female-led superhero movie, particularly after actress Gal Gadot was criticized for being” too skinny” for the role. It concentrates attention on Wonder Woman’s appearance instead of herthoughts or activities, framingher as a physical ideal for diet foodcustomers.

Over the past week or so, there’s been a lot of discussion about Wonder Woman ‘ s advertising selections. Warner Bros. spent slightly better on Wonder Woman TV ads than it did for Suicide Squad , but elsewhere ,< em> Wonder Woman is a amazingly low-key existence. It released fewer trailers than other DC/ Warner Bros. movies, and devotees report visualizing less advertise than for male-led superhero cinemas. It’s possible that Wonder Woman is just being marketed in a different way, but one thing’s for sure: this film shouldn’t be sold applying diet products.

H/ T to the Mary Sue

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