Virgin Mobile goes iPhone-only, offers a year of service for $1


In attempt to woo customers away from challengers, Virgin Mobile USA today announced a bargain that will see it transitioning to become an iPhone-only carrier. The corporation is also partnering with Apple toactivate Virgins services in Apples storages. To kick off this change, Virgin introduced a limited time promotion that will see it giving away a years worth of limitless talk, text and data for only a dollar.

There are a few caveats to this deal, of course.

Like most carriers, unlimited data is not exactly that. Customers who use more than 23 GB of data during one billing cycle will be deprioritized, Virgin tells meaning it will throttle your bandwidth as needed, especially in places where theres a lot of congestion.

Plus, Virgins words says it has the right to terminate your service is your off-network roaming usage exceeds either 800 voice minutes or 100 megabytes.( The programmes come with8 00 domestic voice roaming minutes and 100 MB domestic data roaming, in addition to the unlimited data, talk and text ).

Oh, and youll need to purchase an iPhone from Apple or Virgin, of course, then port your telephone number over to Virgins Inner Circle plan.

Virgin is carrying the iPhone SE, 6, 6s, 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus on its website, in various configurations, at retail price, for the most proportion. The exceptions to that are the SE 32 GB and 128 GB model, which are discountedcompared with Apples direct price. And the iPhone 6 32 GB is discontinued, so its likewise a cheaper pick.

While the$ 1 bargain sounds like its too good to be true, theres a bit of a catch with that, as well.

The deal is simply being made available until July 31 st, 2017; afterwards its a 6-month offering. In other terms, this is a big carrot being dangled to attract a slew of new sign-ups at once. Virgin is basically betting on the fact that customers will stick around when the regular scheme pricing of $50 per month( who are in need of AutoPay) afterwards kicks in.

There are also some optional add-ons for international calls, packaged into a$ 5 or $10 sheaf, is dependent on your needs. These are focused on offering unlimited calls to select countries or landlines, unlimited text, and other reduced rates.( The full details on those are here .)

Despite these caveats( another, arguably, could be that Virgin operates on Sprints network, which has its own determine of challenges ), Virgins Inner Circle comes with a series of perks, too. These concentrate on tying the carrier to the larger specify of Virgin brands, like its airline, hotel chain, and wines, for example.

With Inner Circle, customers can buy a round-trip ticket to the U.K. on Virgin Atlantic and simply pay costs and taxes on a second friend ticket, as well as take 20 percent off flights on Virgin America. You can get your third night free when staying at Virgin Hotels, and enjoy discounts on Virgin Wines and the Virgin Sport San Francisco Festival of Fitness in October.There will also be chances to win bucket-list experiences with Virgin Racing, Virgin Galactic and others, the company notes.

Carriers are always duelling for customers and offering an ever-growing collection of outlandish promotions to win their business. Virgin Mobiles parent corporation Sprint, for example, just this month began offering a free year of limitless service to those who switch from another mobile operator.

While the promotion itself will eventually pass, Virgins larger business decision to stick only to iPhones is worth noting here. This is something Sprints CEO Marcelo Claure alluded to last year ,~ ATAGEND when he used to say Virgin was going to be de-emphasized ahead of a forthcoming shift in strategy.

Well , now its here. Before, Virgin had been an Android prepaid business sold through national retail store. Running forward, it will instead tout its contract-free, iPhone-only model.

The partnership with Apple allows Virgin Mobile to become the newest carrier to sell its service in Apples stores, and builds it the first iPhone-only carrier in the U.S.

The company believes the change may commit it a renewed shot at competing with its better performing contenders, like T-Mobiles MetroPCS and AT& Ts Cricket Wireless, as well as non-traditional beginners, like Googles low-cost Project Fi.

Virgin has always appeared to shake things up and challenge the status quo in any sector we go into, mentioned Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, in the following statement. Mobile is no exception and with Virgin Mobile USA, weve now worked with Apple to create a compelling offer for our new Inner Circle plan. Simply set, when you buy an iPhone you will get the highest quality device and service plus access to an array of Virgin experiences and offers with our group of companies, he added.

Virgin is officially announcing the news via its Facebook Page today 😛 TAGEND

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