Venezuelans flee to the US in search of better lives


( CNN) The decision to come to the United States wasn’t an easy one. Carolina, a 33 -year-old mother of three, said it was perhaps one of the toughest the actions of their own lives — one taken after many sleepless nighttimes in her Barquisimeto, Venezuela, apartment.

Holding back tears, she recollects a nighttime spent on the storey. She huddled with her three children, praying, as Venezuelan government armies fiercely clashed with protesters outside her apartment walls. In the streets anti-government protesters demanded Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro step down. Their complains were met with tear gas, sea cannons, and rubber bullets. During that night of April 11, three Venezuelans would die in the Barquisimeto field.

“The hardest minutes happened on the last days, ” Carolina said. Carolina is not her real epithet. She has asked to remain anonymous for dread of reprisal against her family in Venezuela.