Uber terminates executive after he stolen medical documents of rape victim



Uber burnt more than 20 people Wednesday. But that’s far away from the last of it.

Recode disclosed Wednesday that Eric Alexander, the president of business in the Asia Pacific, had been let go, after reports become apparent that he acquired medical records of a rape victim in India and shared them with several Uber executives. An Uber spokesperson demonstrated the departure to Mashable but declined to comment further on the matter.

The termination wasn’t due to the two separate third-party investigations that are ongoing at the ride-hailing monster in the aftermath of a former Uber engineer’s blog post exposing sexual harassment and other toxic workplace issues.

Rather, “its been” the media, it seems, that led to the removal of the top executive, as New York Times reporter Mike Isaac noted.

That’s one of the main problems with Uber. It appears that there’s still a lack of moral compass at the company.

So who was Eric Alexander, and what happened? The report from Recode is damninguntil you recollect all the other crazy things that CEO Travis Kalanick, his righthand man Emil Michael, and others have gotten away with at the company. Uber is currently in the midst of a crisis over workplace culture after numerous reports revealed general toxicity and HR misconduct.

Recode ‘s first sentence digests it well: “A top Uber executive procured medical records of a woman who had been raped during a journey in India, according to multiple sources.” The episode was from 2014, and only now has Alexander been terminated.

It wasn’t just Alexander who secured and know exactly why the digging up. Kalanick, Michael, and other executives knew about it. Kalanick and Michael even read the medical files, and the three of them began was of the view that Ola, the company’s largest challenger in India, was to blame.

According to Recode , Alexander’s case had been among the 215 assertions investigated by the law firms Perkins Coie and Covington& Burling, but Alexander had not been among the more than 20 employees fired Tuesday. However, he was later terminated apparently after the company was contacted by media outlets.

The report has several people pondering how Kalanick is still in charge and how people at the company1 3,000 in factstill willingly work for him.

Kalanick did not have a statement, per an Uber spokesperson.

This isn’t the first time a Recode report has contributed to someone’s firing at Uber. Amit Singhal, formerly Uber’s senior vice president of engineering, resigned in February after reports surfaced of him leaving his previous occupation at Google due to sexual harassment allegations.

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