Uber adds a safety feature, Gorrilaz launch an AR app and Microsoft tries social media: this week in apps


It’s been a busy week: Elon Musk confirmed that the Tesla Semi truck is coming soon, Instagram announced reaching 200 million daily active customers on narratives and Messenger reached 1.2 billion, so it’s understandable if you missed some of this weeks best apps.

Luckily, we’ve to be maintained for you. Each week, we round up the latest app news, along with a few of our favorite new and updated products, to continue you in the loop with everything coming to your smartphone.

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Here’s what caught our eye this week. If you’re looking for more, make sure to check out the last installment.

Uber adds a new safety feature

Image: uber

While Uber continues to be caught up in contention, the company has rolled out a widely requested safety feature – cross streets for pickup and destination degrees for customers who may not be comfortable sharing exact address. Now, users can just enter two cross streets for pickup or drop off to keep their comings and moves a little more private.

Gorrilaz launch an AR app

Image: gorillaz

Image: gorillaz

The tech savvy band has launched a new app that uses augmented reality engineering to display objects from their recent music videos in the user’s surrounds. Consumers will also be able to listen to the band’s upcoming album, Humanz , which according to NME will soon be liberated early via an in-app “houseparty.”

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Giphy launches “Giphy Says”

A new app from the internet’s favorite called “Giphy Says” converts terms into gifs. The app is simple – just record a video of yourself or someone else saying something and Giphy will transcribe and beautify your message with “filters.” One filter even converts everything you say to emoji!

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Elsewhere :

Image: microsoft

Image: microsoft

Microsoft launched Sprinkles , an experimental app that can “make your photos fun in 2 seconds. ” The app combinations the company’s previous experimentations like guessing your age or emotion with the popular Snapchat-like aesthetic of stickers and captions. You can try the iOS app here . This week the company also launched an iMessage app called “Who’s In ” that aims to make it easier to meet up with your best friend, but purposes up constructing it is difficult than ever.

Apple has ended all updates Workflow, the task automation app that the company acquired during March and then attained free on the app storage. The app is reportedly going to get upkeep mode, which means that it will no longer expand functionality, though the company plans to keep supporting the existing functionality at least for now.

Image: runtastic

Image: runtastic

Fitness app Runtastic has launched a new healthy recipe app called Runtasty. The video based app induces it easy to find and cook healthy recipes.

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And lastly, check out Easter Egg Peg , a silly but addictive play. Download iOS.

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