Trump casually pre-games climate announcement with jazz band


While the world uneasily waited to hear whether or not President Trump would pull out of the Paris Agreement, a jazz band outside the White House continued things shivering AF.

After much anticipation, Trump announced on Twitter that he would be making a statement about the country’s future with the major climate agreed to by Thursday in the White House Rose Garden.

And what better way to pregame that very important speech than with a nice tasteful jazz performance, am I right ??!

Before Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, which left the U.S. with only two non-eu countries Nicaragua and Syria who also rejected such arrangements, many business leaders, celebrities, and scientists publicly warned against the decision.

But hey, Trump knows that some nice, smooth jazz music can solve any problem.

As people waited for the president( who was more than 30 minutes late) to take the stage, the image of what appears to be the United States Marine Band performing jazz in the Rose Garden was all they had to mock.

Some people passed the time by envisioning up some climate-friendly requests for the band to play-act! Fun!

In fact, with this romantic situate, some might even tell Trump’s monumental climate bulletin seemed a bit like an episode of The Bachelor …

Though this random jazz band may seem a bit odd, Trump is surely no stranger to oddly timed celebratory gestures. We learned this after the House Republicans voted on a health care repeal bill and definitely did not enjoy a cart full of brew.

Enjoy that Rose Garden while you can, Trump!

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