Tim Cook says he lost 30 pounds using the Apple Watch — but its sales is where he’ll draw the line


This slim, toned CEO will tell you all about employing the Apple Watch for weight loss — but no bottom line marketings numbers for the machine .

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be as disciplined as Tim Cook, especially when it comes to secrets and fitness?

The Apple CEO sat for a friendly interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, on Wednesday, following the company’s most recent quarterly earning’s report. They embraced a lot of ground in the conversation, most notably Cook’s declaration that Apple will use some of its astounding wealth to start a $ 1 billion money to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in the US.

At the tail end of the talk, we also got to hear a little more about Cook himself specifically, how he’s used the Apple Watch to fine-tune his fitness routine to help him falls 30 pounds. But don’t expect that he’ll be sharing anything else about the Watch’s marketings anytime soon.

“You know, the Watch has been an incredible move into health, in the wellness and fitness part, ” Cook told of the nearly year-old Series 2 after Cramer asked him what life-changing developments Apple might have coming down the pipeline in the future.

“I’ve lost 30 pounds, partly[ due] to my Watch, ” Cook continued excitedly.

With Series 2, Apple Watch became a full-on health and fitness machine, and Cook is well known for his 5 a. m. workouts, so this shouldn’t come as much of a astonish.

He said the Watch dedicates him even more incentives to say fit. “Because it motivates you, and it constantly gives you feedback, it constantly gives you rewards.

“And I’m get calls and letters from so many people where the watch has made a difference in their life, ” he continued. “And this is why we are in business. We’re in business to help people achieve their objectives, to empower them to do great things.”

Thanks for sharing, Tim! Congrats on the weight loss too, if that’s what you were going for. The Watch must be selling pretty well to be affecting so many peoples’ lives especially if they’d prefer to take their attempts to get into touch via old-school letters to you instead of, you know, employing the tech they’re so excited about to simply kill you an email.

While you’re sensation so friendly, how about sharing some exact numbers driving those Apple Watch marketings? It could attain that weight loss news look even most effective and hey, it’s route less personal, too.


Probably never?

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OK, then. Can’t blame us for trying.

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