This woman lost 285 pounds in 18 months by doing these 2 things


Losing weight is hard work and often requires a dramatic lifestyle change, but one female on Instagram proved that with the right mind define, it can be done.

Lexi Reed, who goes by the username @fatgirlfedup, posted a before-and-after photo of herself demonstrating her unbelievable weight loss metamorphosi. Over the last 18 months, Reed has lost 285 pounds, which she credits to both diet and exercise.

In the post, she wrote, Throwback to the girl who pushed herself to do 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical five times a week and to be the more difficult worker in the chamber. Throwback to the girl who chose she was fedup, started changing her lifestyle& discover to cook/ count calories and fought obesity.


In 2016, Reed, along with her husband, specified a New Years Resolution for themselves to lose weight. So far theyve lost a combined 362 pounds without surgery, capsules, meal programs or coaches. In a previous post, she reveals how she wanted to get healthier so they could live a more fulfilling life together.

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When Danny& I met at 16 years old( 10 years ago ), I weighed over 300 lbs. He never knew me as any less& never asked me to change. I nonetheless wanted to live a longer life with him, be healthy, and be able to have children in the future, Reed wrote.

The couple swapped take-out food and Netflix orgies for healthier banquet alternatives and journeys to the gym together. Their weight loss also allowed them to partake in activities that werent possible before, like hiking, biking, journeying roller coasters and traveling on airplanes.

We have dedicated this summer as our bucketlist summer to do all the things we couldn’t do as prisoners in our own body, she wrote.

While Reed initially decided to lose weight so that they are healthy enough to have a child, she notes in her post that the transformation has been more than simply physical.

What we didn’t realise is how losing the weight would change “peoples lives”, she wrote.

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