This week in apps: New Pokmon game, Quora videos, and more


Watching Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement speech and learning that the POTUS only has one app on his phone may have maintained you too busy be followed up with this week’s app news. We’ve kept up for you.

Each week we round up the most important point app news, along with some of the coolest new and updated apps. Here’s what caught our eye the coming week.( If you’re go looking for more, make sure to check out last week’s roundup .)

Pokmon launches a new game

Image: the Pokmon company

There’s a new play from the Pokmon company called Magikarp Jump. The play has you qualify your Magikarp to hop and then compete with other Magikarp, featuring classic Pokmon music and clever writing. Mashable ‘s Kellen Beck calls it a Pokmon version of Tamagotchi.

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Snapchat launches custom Stories

Image: snapchat

Snapchat has finally launched a long-awaited group Stories feature . There are two ways to attain them: by locating or by specific customers. The locating Tales have options to include friends and friends of friends.

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1Password launchings travel mode

Image: 1password

Following recent traveling restraints, password manager 1Password has introduced a new Travel Mode. It protects 1Password customers from being exposed to password searches while traveling. You can choose which passwords you want to keep and which you want to secure by recognizing passwords as “safe for travel.” When Travel Mode is turned on, all other passwords are removed from devices except those marked safe.

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Quora tests video answers

Image: quora

Q& A site Quora announced a limited, experimental beta of answers in accordance with the arrangements of video. Writers with access will be able to record video answers on their phones directly in the app. The beta is currently limited to a small number of topics like beauty, cook, and fitness.

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Become a automobile expert

Image: blippar

Similar to Google and Pinterest’s new tools, both named Lens, Blippar wants to build visual search for the real world, starting with vehicles. Blippar claims to be able to identify any automobile constructed after the year 2000, whether in a magazine or on the street and recognize the attain, model and time. It then unlocks an AR experience that presents median patron rating, price, a 360 -degree view of the cars interior and more. The company has already planned to expand to other categories including fashion.

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Warby Parker gets an update

Image: warby parker

Warby Parker is testing a prescription check app that helps you take a eyesight test at home. While the app is not meant to be a comprehensive eyesight test, it’s a convenient alternative to a doctor’s appointment.

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Telegram lets you pay for stuff

Image: telegram

Telegram launched a big update including video messaging, bot pays and Telescope, a video-hosting platform.

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And ultimately, Apple launched a curriculum for anyone to learn how to make apps.

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