This sleek and stylish smartwatch is on sale for less than $100


The best kind of smartwatch is one that isn’t trying to loudly, proudly scream, “I’m a smartwatch!” to the entire world.

Instead, a smartwatch should appear no different than any other timepiece in your collection, and its smart features should be subtly integrated so they don’t interfere with personal style. 

That’s what makes the Martian mVoice unique. Despite its otherworldly name, it sports an understated yet sophisticated look, and hides its hi-tech abilities within classic watch functions. Best of all, it can sync up with Amazon Alexa to extend its utility to your entire home. Fancy, right? Did we mention it’s under $100?

The Martian mVoice AE might be the closest we’ve gotten to a real-life piece of James Bond gadgetry. At first glance, it’s a handsome 24-hour analog watch with a black resin bezel and dial, and black leather strap. But pair it with your smartphone and its OLED display will alert you whenever you get a text, call, or notification from your favorite social, news, or fitness apps. Its internal speaker can notify you of those alerts too, as well as dictate text messages. When calls come in, answer or ignore them with the push of a button. If you do pick up, your caller can hear your side of the convo via the mVoice’s internal microphone. This mic/speaker setup unlocks other possibilities too—like using Alexa from your wrist. You can use it to control your home automation setup via the Amazon assistant, even if you don’t have an Echo or a Dot.

The Martian mVoice AE Series smartwatch packs a host of features and functions into a chic package, more than justifying its regular $295 price point. But after a 76% discount, you can get this 007-approved timepiece for just $69.99.

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