This radical video by Shonda Rhimes and Dove is what unapologetic body positivity is all about


Fat daughters dance.

That three word statement may seem simple and declarative. Yet, the assertion that fat daughters do dance challenges a ton of premises and stigma around what plus-size people can and can’t do.

Cathleen Meredith, a self-proclaimed “fat girl, ” knows the best interests of dancing while people are watching. Meredith is the subject of the first video in an anticipated partnership between acclaimed producer Shonda Rhimes and Dove, called Dove Real Beauty Productions. The series spotlights real wives redefining charm and Meredith is no doubt doing just that through her brainchild Fat Girls Dance.

The video racked up over 1.5 million views in less than two days, exposing countless people across social media to Meredith’s story of self-acceptance. A shortened version of the video also appeared as an ad during the season finales of Rhime’s indicates Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy on May 18.

Meredith started Fat Girls Dance in August 2016, pledging to post a video of fat daughters dancing every single week for a year. Meredith calls the choreographed dance series a “radical act of fearlessness.” Her mission through Fat Girls Dance was to bringing more visibility to the exuberance of plus-size wives, and challenge notions that fat wives aren’t active, talented, or sexy.

“I had always enjoyed myself and ever thought that Cathleen was dope. But I didn’t think that Cathleen’s body was dope.”

Her story is one of resilience and radical body positivity, challenging national societies rampant with fatphobia and bias to see the charm in wives like her.

“I think there is a negative connotation with the word fat, ” Meredith mentions in the video. “But I never realized it as something negative, just something that I was. And I was not negative. I was awesome.”

But the year-long Fat Girls Dance campaign not only purposed up challenging society’s panoramas of fat torsoes. Meredith mentions the watching herself dance on video initiated to challenge bias toward her body that she didn’t even known she had.

“When you’re dancing on a video and then you see it, you’re like, ‘Oh god, I am fat, ‘” she mentions in the Dove video. “And it’s really strange ’cause you knew you were fat. But you didn’t see it the route you see it on camera.”

Meredith mentions looking at herself over and over again in Fat Girls Dance videos helped her truly desire her body, recognise its ability and power. Through that self-reflection and self-acceptance, she was able to truly personifies a motto of Curvy. Confident. Conqueror.

“I didn’t know that it was a love affair I had been missing my entire life, ” she mentions. “I had always enjoyed myself and ever thought that Cathleen was dope. But I didn’t think that Cathleen’s body was dope.”

That deep self-love is a lesson Cathleen wants to help spread to other plus-size women who are constantly told their bodies are not good enough. And she hopes to do that through Fat Girls Dance.

“If I could commit that to every fat chick I ever met, then that would be worth it, ” she says.

This thoughtful video on radical body positivity goes at a good time for Dove. The brand was lately criticized by some body positive activists for trivializing and capitalizing the free movement of persons by their body wash bottles indicate different body sizings for a campaign.

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