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It’s true-life: You can literally blow up an apartment full of cockroaches, and the insects will be just fine.

Humans, nonetheless, are another story entirely.

Someone in the apartment was spraying so intently that the pilot light of the stove erupted the flaw assassin, leading to a bang that blew the windows right off the apartment, the paper reported.

You had the right mixture of three parts: The compound, the oxygen and the ignition source, ” Asbury Park fire department spokesman Garrett Giberson Jr. told Patch. “They sprayed a tremendous amount of Raid. There was so much substance in the air that the introduction of oxygen just caused an explosion right away.”

As for the glitches targeted by the spray attack, it seems they were no worse for the wear.

“Even afterwards, there were a lot of roaches still crawling around in all areas of the apartment, ” Giberson was quoted as telling. “There was definitely an infestation.”

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The BELLAFIT bracelet fits over your tracker to transform it into a glamorous accessory .

Image: bellafit/ kickstarter

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Kickstarter has created a wave of opportunity for entrepreneurs. From video games, to 3D printers, to VR headsets, the crowdsharing platform has become a hotbed for innovation, helping to launching upwards of 127, 000 successful campaigns over the years.

But with thousands of projects on this crowdfunding site at any given time, it can be difficult to know which ones to back. You simply have so much cash to expend in support of neat gadgets and creative ventures, after all.

Were here to help you narrow it down with some of such projects we think are particularly interesting.


Image: settle/ kickstarter

This modular furniture is sure to satisfy your itching to match your home’s aesthetic to The Jetsons . Not only is it sleek and stylish, but it’s likewise highly customizable. You can use it as a chair, a table, and threw several together to make a terrace. Follow your heart and do something unique with it.

You can back the campaign here.


Image: Pellet/ kickstarter

Pets and smart tech are a magical combination. With a little teach, this gizmo will allow your pup to tell you when he needs to go outside, or where reference is ready to come back in. Once your dog makes the button, you’ll get an alert on your smartphone that your fur child wants some assistance.

Invest in this cool new style to close the communication barrier between you and your very good doggo here.

World Map Pillow

Image: world map pillow/ kickstarter

Most people would love to travel around the world if they could. And why not set that lofty goal for yourself? You can track your progress in a pretty smart lane with the World Map Pillow. With this pillow and a fabric marker, you can create a super cute, functional decoration that will remind you of your travellings every day.

Start coloring in the world in by contributing to the campaign here.


Image: gizzo/ Kickstarter

There’s something fulfilling about being able to cook up a few burgers or hotdogs wherever you go. This grill does precisely that. Gizzo could very well be the new necessity for camping, tailgates, and other outdoor activities during which you’d want to eat well.

Embark on your next adventure with the Gizzo by backing development projects here.

The Backtab

Image: The Backtab/ Kickstarter

Speaking of things that are amazingly compact, check out this brilliant little seat. It’s made of a strong material called glass fiber reinforced plastic which is also used to attain helicopter blades so it’ll have no problem supporting your weight. It’s also lightweight and folds to about the size of a notebook. You’re going to want to bring this thing everywhere with you.

Back the project here to get your hands on it.


Image: bellafit/ kickstarter

Get ready to have the most stylish fitness tracker ever. This bracelet fits over your traditionally drab-looking tracker to transform it into a glamorous accessory. It comes in a few different colours, so you’ll be able to switch it up if you want.

You can support the BELLAFIT team and get your own here.

Escuro Bicycle Bag

Image: Escuro bicycle purse/ kickstarter

As bikes are becoming more popular as a form of transportation, a lot of us are still figuring out best practises while journeying them. Carrying all your stuff, for example, can be a little tough. If you carry a handbag or messenger bag, that can be tricky for balance. And knapsacks can be cumbersome. This suitcase is here to solve that problem.

You can support the project here.

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