‘The Unspoken’ is the main attraction of a new VR esports league


Image: Oculus

It’s simply been a little over a few weeks since the first national virtual reality esports championship took place in New York, but the public’s response to the event has led Intel, Oculus, and ESL to double down on VR esports with the VR Challenger League.

The new, larger competitive gaming series will feature a number of VR esports around the world, with $200,000 in a general prize pond for players.

To kick off the series, the rivalry will focus on only two games, The Unspoken , the immersive play that lets you become a sorcerer, and Echo Arena , which doesn’t come out until July 20, but can best be described as Ender’s Game ( as considered to be in the 2013 cinema) meets Tron ( in terms of visual aesthetics ).

The series of events will include online and offline rivalries beginning July 12, terminating with a final championship event at the annual Intel Extreme Masters gaming event in 2018.

And while existing hardcore VR gamers will welcome the news, without a substantiate made VR title out there( neither Insomniac games, the manufacturer of The Unspoken , nor Oculus will uncover user numbers ), it might seem a bit early to begin building entire leagues around VR esports.

Image: oculus

Yes, The Unspoken community is passionate and appears to be growing, and the response to the recent 80 -store competition was promoting for VR fans, but there seems to be a ways to go before we read legions of fans clogging up Twitch’s bandwidth to watch a VR tournament.

But that’s the ever-wary realist’s point of view.

New technology platforms( which VR still is, despite years of developing) involve optimism and experimentation from developers and hardware manufacturers to develop and thrive, and that’s exactly what the VR Challenger League represents.

Now that the competitive series has been announced, it’s merely a matter of letting esports history unfold to see if VR is actually ready to compete with traditional console and PC gaming.

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