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The real reason women seem to always go for jerks | Fox News



If you ever feel like jerks always get the girl, youre not wrong: New Austrian research confirms that women are more interested in dating guys with narcissistic personality traits.

But its the confidencenot narcissismshes really attracted to, the study suggests.

The researchers surveyed people to determine their personality traits, then sent them on a series of speed dates. After each date, the women rated whether or not they wanted to see the guy again.

The women were significantly more likely to want to date men who had narcissistic personality traits, like being vain and wanting to be the center of attention, than guys who didnt have those traits.
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But when researchers controlled for extroverted personality traits, like being self-confident and assertive, that link disappeared. 

That means that the womens attraction to the narcissists could be explained by the guys outgoingnessnot their vanity or self-centeredness, the researchers say.

Narcissists often make a good first impression because they act outgoing, for example, they take the lead in conversation in an effort to impress people and get attention. This can make them seem charming when theyre getting to know someone new, the researchers say.

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But dont worry: Another new study from Germany suggests that narcissists become less attractive to people once theyre in a long-term relationship. Over time, they come off as self-centered, entitled, and too competitive, the researchers say.

So forget the idea that acting like an A-hole will win over women, and instead just aim to be confident and outgoing, says study author Emanuel Jauk, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Graz in Austria.

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