The link between cholesterol and sunshine is something that you should definitely test out.


Are you ready to feel even happier than you already did about bacon? Specifically, cholesterol ?

As happy as Chandler? If not happier? Step into the sunlight( literally) with me .

Let’s go outside!

Everyone with thoughts knows that going outside stimulates you feel better. And science concurs!

Scientists have looked at people’s brains when they’re in nature you’re just gonna feel better!

Manmade environs lighted up the fear and stress parts of the brain, and natural environments lighted up the parts of the brain that is being dealt with stability, empathy, and love.

*pause for me to go outside right rapid and do this *

…and we’re back .

You’ve been outside, though. You know how nice it is.

In addition to inducing you feel better in your spirit, sunshine is scientifically provided an opportunity to attain “youre feeling” better … in your bones!

This is because your skin fees the sun.

This is the part where we talk about cholesterol. The cholesterol doesn’t have to come from bacon, but it could.

And let’s be real: It will .

Some of that cholesterol you feed goes into your scalp for storage.

Weird! But here’s the cool component.

The sun converts the cholesterol stored in your scalp into a form of vitamin D. This helps your body absorb calcium .

Yep, your body is just a hypercolor T-shirt. Set it in the sunshine* and it becomes even better!

*In moderation, dude .

We spend so much fund on things to attain us feel better around $ 60 BILLION on weight loss. 60 billion !

And the humble folks at Harvard are reporting that vitamin D deficiencies are shockingly common in the United States.

But … hello!


Let’s spend some time out there.

The sun is free!

And* that’s* something to be happy about .

Take the next three minutes learning more about the outdoors here … or just go outside!

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