The life of golf trick shot artist Paul Barrington



Dubai (CNN)Every November, the top 60 players on golf’s European Tour battle it out at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

Stars likes Sergio Garcia and Rory McIlroy get their heads down, battling to make sure they are in the running to be crowned Europe’s elite player.
But, one golfer isn’t worried about the season ahead. His place at the season-ending event is guaranteed.
    His plane ticket is already booked, a hotel room waiting, an audience guaranteed. His name is Paul Barrington.

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    You may not be familiar with the name, but Barrington is the 61st golfer on show at Jumeirah Golf Estates every year.
    He is a trick shot artist who performs two shows a day during the tournament. Often, the pros can be seen casting looks over as Barrington works through his impressive repertoire of strokes.
    Whether it be driving the ball 250 yards with a putter, volleying a golf ball with a driver or even hitting a perfect tee-shot with a club that bends uncontrollably, Barrington has an endless amount of jaw-dropping trick-shots collected over a 25-year career.
    “I’m very fortunate to travel around the world doing golf shows, showing people loads of different things you can do with a club and ball,” Barrington told CNN.

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    “Coming up with the shots is always a very difficult thing to do. Obviously there are some standard shots that us trick shot guys would do.
    “And then you’ll see somebody do something on the golf course with a club and ball and it looked really strange and you think ‘well if I could do that a little bit different, that could be a trick shot.”
    His love of golf started when his Mom brought him a set of clubs for his 11th birthday. By the age of 18 he’d turned professional and two years later he qualified as a PGA pro.
    One of Barrington’s many talents is his ability to hit a golf a very long way. So much so that he’s twice been British Long Drive Champion and on a couple of occasions represented the UK in the World Long Drive Finals in Mesquite, Nevada, though he retired from competitive long driving in 2005.
    It was while he was performing a long drive exhibitions for Yonex that he came up with the idea for a trick show.

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    Barrington makes the job of being a trick shot artist look easy, but some of the shots he’s developed take years of work to perfect.
    “It always takes time,” he added. “I’ve got a few shots I’ve been working on for probably two years now that I’m still yet to bring out into the show because they’re not quite right.”
    You can see Barrington’s current array of strokes at the top of the page.

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