The Kardashian Gals Make HOW MUCH Money From Their Instagram Ads??


More like the CASH-dashians!

If you follow Kim , Kourtney , or Khlo Kardashian on social media, you’ve definitely seen their sponsored ads for a myriad of products ranging from weight-loss teas to waist trainers.

But how much money do the KUWTK gals actually induce from these endorsements ?? A LOT of it!

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According to Michael Heller — CEO of digital marketing firm Talent Resources — current realities Tv divas induce six figures only by posting a pic!

But who builds the most ??

Not surprisingly, Kanye West ‘s wife takes the cake and can make up to $500,000. This isn’t surprising given the fact that North West ‘s mama has 94.8 million Instagram adherents!

Although Kourt and KoKo have less( 54.3 and 64.1 million, respectively ), they can still rake in around $250,000. Not bad!

However, Kris Jenner ‘s daughters won’t promote everything. According to Heller 😛 TAGEND

“They only endorse what aligns with their lifestyle … They become a lot down.”

Life is good when you’re a Kardashian!

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