The Best & Worst Workouts To Do If You’re Hungover


When you invest 80 percent of your weekends taking tequila shots and drunkenly imploring some DJ to play “Despacito”, it would be kinda nice to spend the other 20 percentage doing something productive like working out. We all know how hard it is to make it to the gym, and unless youre some freak that doesnt get hungover, were all pretty much dead by Sunday morning. After doing some research, we found out that working out with a hangover isnt totally off limits, but certain types of workout are better than others if you want to come out alive. Here are the best and worst workouts you can do when you literally require sunglasses to open the fridge.

The Best : Barre

If you wake up and youre still wearing last nighttimes wedges, chances are you can barely move. Fortunately for you, barre class are one of the only types of fitness classes where youll actually get a good workout while basically biding stationary the whole period. Aside from pulsing your ass until your thighs shake and lifting two-pound weights while wondering when you got so weak, youll pretty much be holding onto the bar the entire period and avoiding any moves that were likely to make you more nauseated than you already are.


A 10 am spin class might sound like hell after a nighttime out, but sweating out last night’s tequila is actually legit, and theres no sweat like a spin class sweat. Youll feel amazing after sweating out your alcohol and the endorphins might actually help cure your headache. Plus, unlike operating, youre not really bouncing up and down since cycling is chiefly leg-focused, so youre less likely to vomiting on the person or persons next to you. So thats a plus.


Boxing is another cardio exercise that doesnt truly involve jump-start around, which makes it ideal for a hungover Sunday workout. Workouts that include plyometric moves like burpees and container hops might build you sick to your stomach, so boxing is a good way to sweat your ass off without learning starrings 10 minutes in. Also, you are able to pretend to be punching your Saturday night self for( once again) forgetting to drink water.


Pilates class challenge your muscles in different ways than traditional strength or cardio workouts do, and you dont have to kill yourself to get an effective workout out of it. Whether youre taking a reformer class or a mat-based class, youll seem the burn in your legs, limbs, and abs, and you dont even have to listen to pounding music who are able to worsen your headache.

The Worst: Hot Yoga

A lot of people construct the mistake of signing up for a yoga class when theyre hungover because it seems like a chiller workout than other classes. Although that could be true, its absolutely no truth to the rumors with hot yoga. When youre hungover, your torso is already dehydrated AF, so doing downward bird-dogs in a simmer hot room isnt doing you any favors. My friend literally fainted one time during hot yoga because she was so hungover, and the room was so nighttime that nobody even noticed. Personally, I wouldn’t danger it. Unless you plan on chugging like, a gallon of water before and after and have a friend who can monitor your vitals, stick to air conditioned workouts.


I mean, I dont even wanna meet the psycho who would consider doing sprints with a hangover, but in case this applies to you, call it off. Now. Treadmill classes like Barrys Bootcamp are hardcore and build “youre feeling” astonishing when you have the energy, but with a hangover, youll merely get dizzy and super nauseated. Aside from likely throwing up on the treadmill, youll only get a chief rush from the loud music and flashing lights.

Ab Workouts

If youre seeming at all queasy or lightheaded when you wake up, I would do your torso a favor and skip your ab routine today. We have nothing against crunches and scissor kicks, but lets not forget that your abs lie where your belly is, so working the muscles in that area will merely make “youre feeling” worse. Dont say we didnt warn you when all your blood rushings to your head while youre holding a plank.

Boot Camp

If you cant remember how many shots you took last night or how many slice of pizza you ate when you two are wasted at 3am, boot camp today is just a hard no. Boot camp classes usually involve intense full body moves like burpees, hunker jumpings, and other jump-start motions that will literally construct you lunge. And besides, who needs some jacked teacher hollering in your face to do 10 more lunges? Id rather die. Thanks though.

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