The best sports bra for your breast type


Truth time: There are seven different breast forms, and it is possible to find the best bra for yours. And you have the same right when it comes to sports bras! Sure, some of choosing a sports bra depends on your activity and how big your breasts are, but there’s also value in shopping with the shape of your breasts in intellect.

Here are our expert-approved picks :

If your breasts sit on the outside of your chest … Look for a style with molded beakers that will provide shape and posture in the same way an everyday bra would. Unlike thin styles that allow breasts to gravitate toward their normal posture, the construction in place keeps them where it’s most comfortable.

If your breasts are bell-shaped … A full-coverage style will give you some added textile at the top part of the breast, where yours are more slender. It’ll help even things out and distribute weight tooa good move if you’re planning to log a high-impact sweat sesh.

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