The 11 craziest things we learned from this massive Kellyanne Conway profile


Kellyanne Conway likes scallions .

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New York publication just came out with a major profile of Kellyanne Conway, and, yep, it’s crazy, from the covering line (< em> The True First Lady of Trump’s America ) on down.

The cover story by Washington correspondent Olivia Nuzzi follows the counselor to President Donald Trumpand, yes, again, “true first lady”through the White House, TV appearings, her home life, and one endlessly fascinating steak dinner.

Here are the 11 most insane things you’ll learn from it 😛 TAGEND

1. Conway’s Secret Service code name is Blueberry.

That’s because she was the 1984 Miss New Jersey Blueberry Princess. And the World Champion Blueberry Packer. And Secret Service told Conway that her code name had to start with “B.”

2. She likewise fees cinnamon Orbit gum.

Just like Sean Spicer.

3. She definitely doesn’t want Sean Spicer’s job.

Slit my wrists, bleed out, set cement shoes on, jump off the bridge, and then Ill take the jobare you kidding me?

4. She’s mentioned 1.2 million words on TV.

Or at least that’s what she claimed to New York . Direct quote: ” Excuse me, Ive spoke 1.2 million words on TV, okay ?

5. There’s one computer on her desk , not five.

At one point, Conway was discussing the amount of operate she does for the White House( and oh, yes, we’ll get to that later ). But for now, just know 😛 TAGEND

How about the 5 computers on my desk?( There was merely one computer on her desk .)

6. She is here to make friends

Unlike Steve Bannon, who told New York, I have enough friends.”

7. She feed a decorative scallion because she thought it was asparagus

8. She loved Mary Tyler Moore

I just recollect envisioning Mary Tyler Moore was really cool, but not because anybody sat there and mentioned, Shes a feminist! I just guessed she was composed and stylish and had a big smile, ” she mentioned. Now she would have to be, like, a brain surgeon at NASA whos vice-president of the United States on the side, adopting newborns from faraway lands.

9. She had pals who went to the Women’s March, maybe

I dont any objections to other people marching at allyou know, my friends were there, she mentioned. But Id instead do than marching; Id instead act than talk.

10. Arianna Huffington bailed on a baby shower they were supposed to host together

11. She’s producing production of a Trump mannequin for Disney World’s Hall of Presidents.

It’s her childhood dream.

12. There’s, um, some tension between herself and Steve Bannon. And she maybe doesn’t envision she gets enough credit.

For her proportion, Conway calls Bannon the White Houses man of mystery joking that you cant constantly jockey to be next to the president and remain invisible at the same hour. I taunted him a lot. I told him in December or November, You realise I go on TV to defend you more now than Donald Trump? So while youre sound asleep and my husband is trying to master how to flip a pancake, Im actually protecting you. Not that it matters to Bannon. I tell her, I tell everybody: I could care less if you defend me, he told me. I dont want to be defended, because I dont care. When the White House learned Bannon would appear on the covering of Time, Conway told me, people were running around the West Wing madly trying to figure out what to do. Like, whos ever out there for me? Or even Sean? Its like, you cant be in every photo and then wonder why youre an are the subject of media fascination. And then because youre in every photo, people are like, Oh, those who arent in the photo must be

And there’s so much more. Read the rest of it, right here.

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