‘Teen Mom’s’ Amber Portwood and Matt Baier get candid about their engagement, past addiction issues


Amber Portwood and Matt Baier believe their relationship is misunderstood by the media.

The 26 -year-old star of MTVs make reality TV series Teen Mom OG is engaged to the 45 -year-old single daddy, but the couple arent phased by the significant age gap.

The pair fulfilled on Twitter and began chatting about what they had in common, Portwood revealed to Fox News.


In Vegas with my babe

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I imagine the initial thing was music, Portwood mentioned. Because I grew up on a lot of older music with my father and everything. It intended a lot to me. So we listened to music, “was talkin about a” music. It became a great friendship[ We were] best friend for six months to the point that it seemed so comfy enough to meet each other in person. We met and fell in love.

Baier after a few days the pair felt they’d fulfilled who they were “supposed to be with.”

The couple are currently gearing up for a bridal on October 13 th. Nonetheless, the duo havent decided if theyre going to have cameras capture the special instant for audiences or keep it as a more private affair.

But one thing theyve never hid was their personal duels with sorenes murderers. The mother of now 8-year-old Leah was addicted to prescription capsules, inspiring her to go to rehab on several occasions. And even while in rehab, she was still using.


I was munching on fentanyl patches because it doesnt show up in the urine test, she tearfully explained. I didnt imagine Ive read two daughters for like a month or so. And I was in a very bad place. Probably close to succumbing. I went to courtroom the working day and I mentioned, I want to go to prison.

According to Portwood, she opted prison to save her life. In 2012, she served 17 months of a five-year sentence at Rockville Correctional Facility in Indiana and was released on good behavior, day served and its implementation of two prison courses. Today, she still takes medication, but for her mental illness.

Me and my beautiful baby..mommy daughter nighttime! Mailing adoration

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I have borderline personality[ disorder] and bipolar disorder, mentioned Portwood, adding that she works with a psychiatrist got to make sure her prescriptions dont interfere with her sobriety. When I get out of prison, I was sober from everything and I tried to do it myself for probably about two years. And I didnt take any medication Now I do have to take capsules for the rest of my life We started very low, the medication Im still on a very low dosage of medication, and Im very proud to say that.

Today, Portwood is still filming Teen Mom OG, but also runs an online fashion storage, Be Forever Haute.

And the duo insist everything they show in front of cameras is real. Baier is even getting ready to liberate his memoir in June, which he mentioned is expected to continue to disclose the truth.

I hope people will see me as not the guy in the tabloids, but the person in the actual volume, mentioned Baier. Like a human being. The reason I did it was because I wanted people to understand that only because something is in print doesnt make it true.

We dont go by a script. You assure our lives, added Portwood. Ive never let a director or producer tell me what to do, or how to think or what to say. But if I say something and they want me to repeat it, thats what you do, thats your job. Nonetheless, you dont let them give you the ideas, you dont let them attain your story. And thats what it becomes, particularly after nine years of this.

A new season of Teen Mom OG premieres Monday, April 17 th on MTV .

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