Super exclusive dating app thinks it’s found a way to stop ghosting


Ghosts going to be all right .

Image: The league

Ghosting is scourge in the world of dating apps, but will it ever die?

One app is committing it their best shot. Youve likely heard of the high-end, exclusive dating app The League. Today theyre launching a new feature for their paid members that they believe is going to stop phantom and cut out the stress of waiting for a reply that never comes.

Their trick: read receipts. Thats it ? But, wait, how will knowing someone has understood your message objective ghosting? The League founder and CEO Amanda Bradford told us, We hope this feature will cause our flaky customers to be more polite in responding since now it is obvious if “they il be” ‘ghosting, ‘ but even if it doesn’t, it gives the users on the other objective of the match more information to make decisions about who to wait on.

Image: the league

A little accountability never hurts, but wont knowing that someone has understood your message only increase the anticipation better known as agony of waiting for a reply? Bradford says that their customers are confident enough that dont care if theyre ghosted.( Must be nice !) Instead, the anxiety they feel is all about the ‘not knowing’ if they should continue to wait on a match or go ahead and expire them.

Fair enough. Read receipts were the number one thing customers requested when they launched the paid program as a pilot last May. The paid membership, which anyone can now updated to, will cost you a one-time fee of $180 and got to get access to other features like your stats( popularity, pickiness, etc ), a customizable profile and an actual human concierge.

The League isnt the first to give read receipts, of course. OKCupid offers them as part of their -AList paid tier, and patently theyre on Facebook and tons of straight up messaging apps. Yet phantom still happens all the time, and we all still seem to be peeved by it.

So will this new feature make any difference? It could. The League is certainly a more selective group of people that might be more conscious of maintaining a good reputation and not wasting hour. And in the very crowded marketplace for dating apps, every little margin counts.

But try as we are able to, we’ll likely never vanquish the hardcore phantoms among us. You cannot kill what is already dead.

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