Some guys rode their bikes over 7 hours so that their fitness map would look like a goat


A cycling group in Australia rode for over seven hours and 200 km, which is certainly admirable run any day, but what’s truly impressive is that when they got done, their road was in the shape of a goat.

This was no accident, but a carefully planned road dreamed up by Ben Jones, one of four members of” Fight Club ,” an amateur cycling club based in Perth, Australia. Jones told ABC radio Perththat he chose a goat because” Goats are badass and they’re an easy animal to draw in profile ,” which is pretty inarguable.

Jones and company use Strava, a mapping and social media tool for cyclist and athletes, to create their work of art. They not only managed to journey for over 200 km and 7 hours, but they also dealt with some pretty intense elevation changes while overseeing to continue a pace near 30 kph. Pretty impressive for a group of guys who were simultaneously describing a goat.

Screengrab via Strava

Here they aretaking a mid-ride breach, looking sweaty but happy.

167km down. 40 km to! . . . . #FGHTCLBCC #cycling #igerscycling #wymtm #goatride #outsideisfree #wymtm

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This isn’t the first time people have use mapping programs to create art. One wife even got in shape by drawing a series of dicks all over San Francisco. Cyclist and athletes have done everything from simple hearts.

To giant dinosaurs

One guy in Portland, Oregon even created a portrait of Barack Obama complete with a tiny( although actually huge) American flag.

And we can’t leave outthe child who operated five-and-a-half miles to ask his girlfriend to prom.

She said yes, but how great would it have been if she had run around her neighborhood until she spelled out” I think we should just be friends .”?

Jones said he and the team are already discussing the idea of describing more animals for us to enjoy.

” There is talk of doing a quokka or a numbat or some other iconic West Australian animal ,” he mentioned, but that were likely to need to wait a bit as Jones is about to become a very busy humankind.” Part of the reason we actually did this now is that my partner is nine months pregnant, she’s due in about four periods ,” hesaid,” It was something fun to do before I have a kid .”

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