Sit anywhere you want, anytime you want with this collapsible chair


Image: SitPack

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Admit it. The older you get, the more you learn to dread the phrase “standing room only.”

No need to be ashamed, though. Regardless of your fitness level, being on your feet for hours at a time — whether at a concert, riding the train, or waiting in line — can cause fatigue and discomfort. Your knees get stiff, your feet go numb, and your back aches. 

But chances are you probably don’t want to carry a heavy folding chair around wherever you go, and sitting on the floor is rarely a good look—so what’s the solution? The creative minds at Mono + Mono Design may well have found it with their invention, the SitPack 2.0 Compact Collapsible Seat.

While nursing some aches and pains during a long music festival, the Danish duo of designers behind Mono + Mono began dreaming of a portable chair for concertgoers. In order to make SitPack a reality, its designers had to discard all conventional wisdom on how to create a collapsible product and instead take a whole new approach. After three years of brainstorming, designing, and consulting with experts, the SitPack was born.

When in its folded configuration, SitPack could be mistaken for a water bottle or a particularly stylish beer can. But unfold and extend it, and within seconds it turns into a mobile seat that lets you take a load off nearly anywhere. Don’t let its plastic construction fool you—it’s made of a glass fiber-reinforced polycarbonate, just like riot shields and bulletproof glass. This material is easily recyclable and super strong. In fact, it’s capable of supporting individuals weighing up to 286 lbs.

Right now, you can achieve instant rest and relaxation anytime, anyplace by purchasing a SitPack 2.0 of your own. It’s currently available for 38% off the regular $65 price, or $39.95 while supplies last.

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