Shonda Rhimes hated the attention she got after losing weight


Anyone who’s lost a significant amount of weight knows just how many unwarranted praises weight loss can bring from pals and strangers, alike. And Shonda Rhimes, who has lost a fair sum of weight over the last few years, knows these comments all too well.

In the most recent edition of her Shondaland newsletter, the Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy showrunner talks about how she seemed after a strictly physical change sparked a sudden increased number of attention from everyone around her.

“Women I barely knew gushed. And I signify GUSHED. Like I was holding-a-new-baby-gushed. Simply there was no new babe. It was just me. In a dress. With makeup on and my mane all did, yes. But…still the same me, ” Rhimes shared, per EW . “And humen? They spoke to me. THEY SPOKE TO ME. Like stood still and had long conversations with me about things. It was disconcerting.”

But even more disconcerting, according to Rhimes, was that all these people “suddenly seemed entirely comfortable” talking to her about her body. They told her she appeared pretty or “so hot now.” They said they were proud of her and told her she looked amazing.

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