‘She’s A Human Being’: Reality Winner’s Parents Assert Her Innocence


AUGUSTA, Ga. — A collection of framed Beatles record embraces adorn the living room wall of the house where 25 -year-old government contractor Reality Winner lived until late last week. One room is empty, save for a carpeting where she practises yoga, a book named” The Art of Peace” and prayer beads. In her bedroom, a blanket with a giant picture of the Pokemon Pikachu is laid neatly on her bed.

It doesn’t seem like the house of a mastermind bent on bringing down the governmental forces.

” I want people to keep in mind that she’s a human being, that she did serve her country, that she would never hurt anyone ,” Winner’s mother, Billie Winner-Davis, told HuffPost in a sit-down interview Thursday morning. Her parents have come to Augusta from their home in Kingsville, Texas, to stand by their daughter.

The portrait they paint of her is a far cry from the profile attorneys sketched just hours later in U.S. District Court.

Authorities say Winner intentionally retrieved a highly classified document about Russian interference in the U.S. election while working for Pluribus International Corp, a National Security Agency subcontractor, on her operate computer in Augusta. They mention she printed it out and shared it with a news site, The Intercept. Prosecutor Jennifer Solari mentioned Winner had also described in notebooks that she wanted to” burn the White House down” and live in Kurdistan or Nepal.

Winner’s mothers, who are staying for now in their daughter’s carefully decorated home, said they knew her to be selfless and dedicated, intent on helping her community as well as the people she had worked with as a linguist throughout her young job. They are adamant about her innocence and strongly stressed their belief that her case is being blown out of proportion.

” This is a 25 -year-old girl who served her country with admiration and distinction. But she’s now the poster infant for every bad thing that happens, and the government is going to prosecute her as if she’s the number one threat to national security, and she’s not ,” Winner’s stepfather, Gary Davis, said.

Lance Keck, 29, became fast friends with Winner when they were teenagers. They met on Gaia Online, an anime avatar-based forum. They kept in touch over the years.

” It arrives as a huge surprise ,” Keck mentioned of the allegations. Winner’s friend knows her to be a fun person with an” absurd sense of humour .”

Though they haven’t talked in some time, he told, he thought of her just last week when he was cleaning out his house in Minnesota and came across a shoebox fitted with old notes from his pen pal.

” Generally she seemed very gathered and very strong and confident ,” Keck told HuffPost.

Since being detained, Winner-Davis says her daughter has received a sense of community in prison. They’ve rallied around her, she tells of Winner’s fellow inmates, and have vowed to protect her amid the complicated circumstances she finds herself in. Winner informed her mom that when a reporter indicated up at the prison, the inmates shielded her from photograph. When she had used only the limited availability of telephone call she could build from prison, her cellmate was quick to surrender hers.” She said they will take care of her ,” Winner’s mother mentioned.

Sebastian Murdock/ HuffPost
Items in Reality Winner’s home.

In her last free bellow from jail, they had laughed.” She mentioned,’ Mom, I’m wearing orange ,'” and I mentioned,’ Well, I bet you’re rocking it ,'” Winner-Davis said.

Winner was born in Texas and received her unusual legal name, Reality Leigh Winner, from her parent, who perished in December after a long bout of medical crisis. His death, Winner’s stepfather told HuffPost, had been both a sorrow and a relief.

” She was home with us when he passed away ,” Winner-Davis recounted. Despite his poor health, Winner and her father-god had always been close.” She enjoyed him, he desired her, they were very bonded and close ,” Davis said.

” I know her father had a lot of health issues, and that certainly upset her while that was going on ,” Keck mentioned.” During that, she was a little less accumulated, but I almost always appeared up to her as a role model to a certain degree .”

After finishing high school in Texas, Winner joined the Us air force, determined to become a linguist like her older stepbrother.

She learned Pashto, Farsi and Dari. She had started to teach herself Arabic even before joining the service.” She had started ordering volumes and education materials. We came home one day and she had yellow stickers in Arabic all over the house. She had started self-teaching herself the language ,” Davis recounted.

Her work with foreign languages and far-away countries brought her exultation, her mothers proudly mentioned. She was attached to a unit of Afghans” and would assist them in writing reports ,” they said. She even hoped to deploy to Afghanistan.

But Winner terminated up leaving the Air Force and taking a undertaking as an intelligence contractor in Augusta.

While her stepfather told The New York Times after her arrest that she was a lonely in the new surrounding, he emphasized to HuffPost that the community in the small town was friendly and tight knit.

Exercise provided her with a rhythm. Winner, passionate about CrossFit, also ran as a yoga instructor. She believes yoga is the way to a peaceful world, her mom mentioned.

” Whatever she does, she does it 100 percentage. She wants to help that culture, those folks. You look around here, she’s got traverses on the walls, Hindu stuff, she does yoga ,” Davis said.” She’s not a revolutionary Muslim; she’s not anything like that. She’s just a young woman who wants to help everybody she gratifies. She wants to be a positive influence. She feels that every person is an instrument of change and can attain the world a better place .”

Winner’s passion came across on her social media platforms, which highlight her enjoy of animals and fitness on Instagram as well as present her strong aversion of President Donald Trump and his policies on Twitter.

Sebastian Murdock/ HuffPost
Books in Reality Winner’s Augusta, Georgia, mansion show a young woman with a variety of interests.

Prosecutors say it was while working in Georgia for the NSA that Winner obtained the document detailing Russian efforts to derail the election. According to the prosecutor, she acknowledged just as much during a conversation with FBI agents over the weekend — a dialogue in which she also “was talkin about a” yoga and music.

Authorities say they figured out it was Winner who passed along the information by tracking who retrieved and printed the information. They likewise found records of her contacts with the Intercept from her home computer.

During Thursday’s explosive courtroom hearing, Winner pleaded not guilty and was denied bail.

Solari told the courtroom that Winner told the FBI she had purposely tried and published classified information, and devoted the FBI access to her phone, which reportedly had pictures of the NSA document.

Prosecutors allege that during a call from incarcerate, Winner plotted with her mother to highlight her innocent, peaceful appearance in court. In that same call with her mom, which was recorded, she reportedly said that if she did not make bail, she would” run nuclear to the press .”

In another telephone call from prison, to her sister, Winner said the document she was accused of leaking was ” various kinds of an important one ,” Solari added, and said she planned to defend herself by playing” that card, being fairly, white and cute, braid my hair and weep and all .”

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