ShapeScale launches pre-orders for their fitness-minded 3D body scanner


When you hop on a bathroom scale, all you get is one number describing the weight of your entire body. Thatnumberdoesnt account for muscle, but rallies you behind the goals and targets of plummeting that number lower and lower.

ShapeScale utilizes 3D body scans to create a map of where youre gaining and losing weight/ muscle on your body. The scale utilizes a mechanical arm and depth sensor to create a 3D map of your body and is able to track change over period with hot maps as you seek to get in shape.

The Y Combinator-backed corporation, which launched its product at TechCrunch Startup Battlefield, is startingpre-orders today as it hopes to get a better sense of the market for its product before entering production and delivering machines next year. Users can reserve a ShapeScale by plopping down $99 on the machine, which will cost a total of $499 for pre-orderers.

The battery-powered machine definitely takes up more space than a conventional bathroom scale, thanks to the robotic metal arm, but it does preserve a digital print of your physical kind, so thats a bit understandable.

I had a chance to demo an early version of the machine and while the visual accuracy of the images definitely isnt quite as high as the press materials make it out to be, the tone of muscles is crisp and( in my suit) flabbiness is captured sufficiently, as well for better or worse.

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