Seattle Meetup


TechCrunch is kicking off the summer with a meetup in my beautiful hometown, Seattle. In addition to the usual hoisting of glasses and something called networking, well be hosting a good old fashioned pitch-off with some promising local companies.

In case you missed the memo, on June 22 nd well is currently under the Showbox SoDo along with hundreds of Seattle entrepreneurs, VCs, and tech fanatics. Come and join us! Register for the Seattle Meetup here.

As for the pitch-off, I have to say this is a particularly strong group of contenders, whittled down from a particularly large number of applicants. Good occupation, Seattle! Each of these ten corporations will have 60 seconds to pitch to the audience and judges.

So, in alphabetical ordering 😛 TAGEND

Babyrific: This app lets parents speedily find, share, and schedule kid-friendly the operations and locations nearby. The return of SoLoMo?( Revealing: I know Babyrifics creator since weve lived in the same neighborhood for a long time. But this inclusion isnt shady .)

Backit: Crowdfunding is a great way to launch a product, but chances are its a little more complicated than most people imagine( looking at you, Coolest Cooler ). Backit helps creators manage their crowdfunding campaigns: define goals, communicating with backers, discovering producers, and so on.

Boundless: The long immigration process is also possible pretty confusing, especially to immigrants with different cultures and speeches. Boundless aims to guide prospective citizens of our great country through the legal and procedural hoops that may otherwise have obstructed them.

FanWide: If youre, tell, a Niners fan in Seattle, it may be hard to watch a game at a place where people arent rooting for the Seahawks. You can use FanWide to situate others supporting your inferior squad and get together, and bars can get in on the action too and host see parties.

Mayo: Imagine of Mayo like Pay It Forward, The App, except Haley Joel Osmont doesnt get stabbed at the end( spoiler admonish ). Its a hyper-local help me out app which allows you petition or provide small services like committing a auto a hop or lending a phone charger.

NavigatorCRE: Commercial real estate may be big business, but tell me this: wheres the SaaS provider that centralizes all the data, intelligence, and existing program hookings so you can maximize your portfolios performance? Here. Here is that SaaS provider.

Off the Record: Get a speeding ticket for going 31 in a 30? Enter the data into Off the Record and itll hooking you up with a lawyer who will take care of it without you having to go to court if you dont get it reduced, you dont pay.

Oli Fitness: What kind of listing would this be without certain kinds of computer eyesight or machine learning? Oli utilizes a mobile 3D camera to track your workout and prevent hurt. Not a replacing for a personal trainer, but it may improve your sort and avoid a strain.

Pillsy: Tracking medication uptake is critical for millions, but is your grandma going to use a smartphone app to do it? Throw the smart-aleckies into the pill bottle itself thats Pillsys approach, and it seems that some in healthcare are already intrigued.

Stemless: Get your legal, local weed delivered, and if youre a provider, easily give delivery service. This used to be done over text, but its all in the open now. O brave new world!

Whats at bet ? First place gets a free table in Startup Alley at Disrupt San Francisco. Miami Meetup Winner RecordGram not only made it to Disrupt, but terminated up winning Startup Battlefield! Second place receives 2 attendee tickets to Disrupt SF, and Audience Choice gets 1 free ticket.

Missed the deadline to apply to pitch? Dont worry! We got your back. Startups that attend the meetup get a chance to be the WildCard company selected from the audience to pitch on stage as a part of the tournament. Register for the Seattle Meetup here.

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