Rob Kardashian ‘Is Feeling More Hopeful’ About His Future As He Gets Ready To Date! – Perez Hilton


Rob Kardashian had become increasingly private over the years, but he’s starting to dip his toe back into the spotlight as of late.

A source revealed to E! News:

“Rob is single but would like to date. He wants to find someone to spend time with and share his life with. He doesn’t want to be single and has tried to meet someone. He’s starting to feel better about himself and is feeling more hopeful.”

According to the insider, he’s relying on Kris Jenner for “input” about possible love interests (we wonder how she feels about Stassie Karanikolaou) and is ready to make changes in his life:

“He knows that he has made bad decisions in the past and wants to do things differently.”

As for his love life, he may be looking for the one! The confidant revealed:

“He doesn’t want to get swept up and fall hard for the wrong person. Kris gives her input and encourages him. She does not want another [Blac] Chyna drama, and feels like she needs to stay on top him.”

This new info echoes a previous source’s insight into the Arthur George entrepreneur, who divulged (below) how he has been making such great progress on his diet and fitness journey:

“He is very focused on making changes and sticking with it. He has cut down fast food and has completely changed his diet. He also stopped drinking, which is really helping him. He is feeling a lot better and seeing results … He is also exercising again and working out with a trainer. He gets together with friends to play basketball at his home court and has fun with that too.”

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