Pornhub’s new interactive videos sync with sex toys to fully blow your mind


Your porn experience is about to get a lot realistic .

Image: pornhub

Hold onto your butts, folks. Your Pornhub experience is about to get a lot more…intimate?

The massive adult recreation platform has just launched an entirely new and very NSFW category of videos the hell is meant to be used in conjunction with interactive sex playthings. Theyre the first of the free websites to offer this kind of integration, but it’s pretty clear this is the future.

Corey Price, Pornhub’s Vice President, said in a statement, Over the course of the past year alone immersive engineerings, especially teledildonics, have quickly taken service industries by storm and garnered critical acclaim for their ability to provide users with something that teeters on reality.

Image: pornhub

The way this experience projects is that each of the videos( for now there are just a few hundred) has a series of pulsations that are matched up with whats happening in any dedicated scene. Those are transmitted wirelessly to your device, which then simulates what youre understanding on screen, and voila!

The biggest issue at the moment is that it can only be used with two devices, the Kiiroo Onyx and the Fleshlight Launch( which, if you havent ensure it, is a wildly great and unwieldy machine ). That means you guessed it that simply men can take advantage of this option at the moment. Boooooooooo .

But dont worry too much, dames: There is a plan to introduce female-friendly toys from OhMiBod, We-Vibe, Kiroo, and Lovense soon. So you hopefully wont be left out in the cold for long. Eventually, the real objective is to add this same feature to their VR videos for full immersion.

Who knew that the porn of the future “wouldve been” such an, uhhmm, hands-off experience.

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