Photos From This Floating Baby Spa Are The Cutest Thing Since Babies


If youre looking for a fun way to sneak in more mommy and daddy period with your little one oh baby, do we have the spa for you.

At Baby Spa Perth in Australia, newborns( from two days to six months) and their caregivers can enjoy a unique experience involving baby massages and postnatal water flotation. The flotation exert, called hydrotherapy, is apparently beneficial to babies as it can help them with their balance, coordination, strength and sleep.

One of the main benefits we adoration the most is the mothers bonding experience, co-owner Anita Yap told our colleagues at HuffPost Australia.

During the water exercises, babies wear something called a bubby, which helps keep them float. They all look absolutely adorable wearing them 😛 TAGEND

The conferences generally last from 10 to 30 minutes in the water. According to the spas website, friends and family are allowed to come watch the babies float.

The Baby Spa, which opened less than a year ago, is a part of a dealership that began in South africans. Along with hydrotherapy, the Baby Spa also offers infant massages.

The length of the massage depends on each baby 😛 TAGEND

Each session expenditures around $65 US dollars( about $85 in AUD ). And while some studies show neonatal float can accelerate babies growth in the early stage, one doctor carefulness the spas and floating exerts arent beneficial for every baby.

The only place where aquatic therapy is shown to be beneficial is in kids with developmental postponements, Dr. Shahrouz Ganjian of Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif. told Womens Health. Research doesnt show that it is or isnt beneficial in normal kids so, as of now, I cant recommend it.

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