Period subscription services can get around the tampon tax (sort of)


Lola, one of the subscription services that could come up with a style to make up for the tampon taxation .

Image: lola

Despite upsurges of activism around the issue, the tampon taxation is alive and well.

The sales tax on sanitary productsa taxation that isn’t applied to many kinds of condoms or any products that mostly men usewas upheld in Australia the coming week. In the United States, sales tax is still applied to feminine hygiene products in all but seven countries.

While Australia’s decision disappointed activists, there is one group that they are able build the best of it: period subscription services.

Some subscription services, where you sign on and get organic tampons and perhaps chocolate delivered to your doorway every month, are marketing themselves as a way to ensure your unfair taxation dollars are used for good.

The sex wellness brand Sustain last month launched a campaign matching the money it generated in sales tax with donations to the nonprofit Girls Helping Girls. Period.

“It’s about equity and accessthere’s no other taxation that’s this gender biased, ” CEO Meika Hollender said in a statement at the time. “To tax these items and not acknowledge or exempt them as essential products is another example of gender inequality playing out in policy.”

Ordering any subscription container, though, doesn’t warranty you’ll be exempt from taxes. Marketings tax is typically based on your shipping address. If you live in a state like Illinois that already get rid of its taxation on feminine hygiene products, you’re all set. But then you could just buy tampons at the pharmacy anyway.

Even if period box brands are coming up with clever ways to make up for the sex-based taxes they’re subject to, they’re still on the right side of the anti-tampon tax movement.

Lola, one of the best known tampon subscription services, has advocated for the end of the tampon tax, too.

Anyway, get tampons delivered to your doorway every monthand see if an ethical tampon corporation will make up for your state’s biased taxes.

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