Overweight Woman Totally Transforms, But Its Her Face That Changes The Most


Kaylee Bonnett weighed 481 pounds. The bullying was ruthless from adults and children who called her a” circus animal .” She remembers being obese her entire life; during high school, she weighed 300 pounds.

” I was constantly on the defense ,” she told Cosmopolitan .

However, physicians warned that her weight was building her susceptible to life-threatening medical conditions like a heart attack or stroke. Kaylee didn’t want to die. She decided to drastically change her lifestyle.

After falling 169 pounds , not only does Kaylee’s body seem different, her face now also seems unrecognizable. “Shes been” sharing her jaunt and progress on Instagram. It’s amazing how small daily changes amass over time.

While Kaylee, regardless of her size, should have always been treated like a human being, I am sure those cruel bullies are eating crow now that she’s taken comprise of her destiny.

See Kaylee’s incredible transformation below, and let us know what you think in specific comments!

” Kids and adults[ would] tell awful things to me in public and give me unclean looks like I was a circus animal ,” Kaylee told Cosmopolitan .

She added:” From worrying about if I’ll fit in this chair or if the chair will comprise me, to trying to look nice and hoping that getting from point A to B doesn’t induce me sweat my whisker and makeup off, I was constantly on the defense .”

In her mid-2 0s, Kaylee was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with high blood pressure. Doctors were worried that she would suffer a heart attack or stroke.

At 481 pounds, Kaylee didn’t want to die. She decided to get gastric bypass surgery.

While many are under the impression that gastric bypass surgery is “cheating,” the same sum of run must go into it or else individual patients will not only regain the weight and medically harm themselves.

In order to qualify for the surgery, Kaylee had to lose 40 pounds. Instead, she lost 77. She cut calories and carbs to do so.

After the surgery, Kaylee cut out high-fat meat, eating 800 calories a day( all that could fit in her stomach) and doing Crossfit workouts three times a week.

She lost 169 pounds, and is down to 312. Kaylee is hoping to reach her purpose of 225 pounds soon. Right now, she is enjoying her new figure and the majority of members of all, how drastically is has transformed her face.

” The reactions of others is what surprises me, and it helps me determine the change ,” she told.” The weight loss had really changed my life. I’m actually living life, which I wasn’t[ doing] before .”

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