One woman is knitting woolly boobs for breast cancer survivors


Many people’s knitting endeavours focus on jumpers, scarves, children’s clothes and blankets. But, one breast cancer survivor is knitting hundreds of woolly breasts for women who’ve had mastectomies due to breast cancer.

A video about Sharon’s knitting endeavours have gone viral. In the video above, which has over 18 million views, she explains why knitting breasts is so important to her.

Sharon had breast cancer five years ago and didn’t want reconstructive surgery after her mastectomy. Sharon and her team of fellow knitters who she calls “knockerettes” knit around 300 breasts a month, in an effort to provide lighter and more comfortable post-surgery protheses than the stick-ons offered by the NHS.

“My reason and purpose is to construct life better for people in the throes of cancer, ” Sharon says.

“Breast cancer isn’t pink and it isn’t fluffy. It’s a nasty, horrible cancer that changes people’s lives, ” she continues.

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