One nation, two Trumps: America as divided as ever after first 100 days


We asked two neighboring communities in Ohio what they stimulate of the chairman first 100 days in agency. Their answers paint a disparate picture

How did Donald Trump do in his first 100 days as US president? The moment you step out into the thumping heart of America, you realize thats the wrong question.

How did the Donald Trumps plural do in their first 100 days? Thats the better line of investigation. And no, its not a including references to Donald Jr, busily engorging the family business while his father attains America great again.

The question to ask is: how did the two Donald Trumps do? One boy, two entirely contrary public figure. Theres Donald Trump, champ of the white conservative religion masses of rural and small-town America, the man bringing change to Washington, resurrecting the nations dignity, teaching a lesson to foreigners with a well-targeted bombing raid or two.

And they are Donald Trump as recognized through the eyes of urban America, minority communities and progressive voters. This president is totally incompetent, criminally corrupt, or both, is simply interested in himself and his rich sidekicks, and has turned the White House into a reality TV show.

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