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We’re pretty big fans of Arduino, the DIY platform that lets you create and control your very own robots, as evidenced by this story about a $50 online class you can take and this one about an e-book collection dedicated to the hobby.

Well here we are again, with another great deal for learning Arduino online. The 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle contains ten e-books that will teach you how to make a wide variety of robotic and hardware projects to impress all your friends and scare all your supervisors. The e-books, when purchased individually, would cost you a total of $315 — but this “Pay What You Want” deal will deliver all ten when you pick your price (and beat the average). Fun, right? Here’s what you’ll get:

A C programming book

If you want to learn a new programming language, you can’t just go in hard and expect everything to work out. You have to crawl before you can walk and Learning C for Arduino will teach you how to crawl. You’ll start with the fundamentals of C programming, then move on to more complicated things like working with sensors, and finally graduate to completed projects like LED cubes.

A spy gadget book

Arduino isn’t just for wacky robots that can be programmed to solve math problems. It can also be used to make awesome gadgets that would feel right at home in a James Bond movie. Arduino for Secret Agents will teach you how to build all kinds of cool spy gadgets, like a fingerprint sensor and a spy robot, so you’ll finally have something cool to talk about if you ever meet Daniel Craig.

A DIY book

DIY projects are all the rage and Arduino is a great platform for making them. The Internet of Things with Arduino Cookbook will teach you to use Arduino for everything from robotics to home automation to social media interactions to make the ultimate DIY contraption.

A project-based book

Arduino by Example will show you how to get your hands dirty and create three projects: a home automation project, a robotic project, and a touch sensor project.

A sound effects generator book

Did you know that Arduino can be used to build a sound effects generator? The Arduino Electronics Blueprints book will teach you how to make one using your own wave files or from sound files you found online. Pretty soon, you’ll be prank calling all of your friends as Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “It’s not a tumor” and “I’ll be back.”

A robot book

The great thing about Arduino is all the different types of hardware it can interact with: lights, screens, dancing robots. The Arduino Development Cookbook gives you access to over 50 Arduino projects so you can learn how to work with everything from operating motors to sensors to displays and build your dream robot.

A robot GPS book

Did you know that robots have their own special advanced kind of GPS called GPRS? It’s apparently a thing, and the Arduino Robotic Projects book will teach you to build complex robots that use GPRS for all kinds of tasks like food delivery. Take that, lazy GrubHub delivery person!

An IoT book

Now that you’re an expert in all things Arduino, it’s time to make eight intense Internet of Things projects. The Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints book will teach you how to assemble everything from a Wi-Fi signal strength sensor to a liquid flow sensor so you can combine these skills and throw an awesome LAN party in your hot tub. Or make them each separately if that’s more up your alley.

A wearables book

Arduino can make some awesome wearables, and the Arduino Wearable Projects book will teach you how to make the mother of all wearables: the smartwatch. You’ll learn how to make a smartwatch that has sensors for fitness tracking, notifications, and GPS. And, of course, telling time.

A computer vision book

Computer vision is a more advanced version of OCR that lets computers scan images and recognize particular items in the images. The Arduino Computer Vision Programming book will give you real-life practical examples so you can build a computer vision-enabled robot from scratch and finally figure out where Waldo’s hiding.

The 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle normally costs $314.90, but you can get a single e-book for whatever price you want or beat the average price to get them all. 

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