‘My fertility app made me too stressed to conceive’ – BBC News


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Image copyright KATHY BEAUMONT Image caption Kathy Beaumont and her partner Chris decided fertility apps weren’t for them

When Kathy Beaumont started trying for a baby two years ago, she turned to the many birthrate apps on the market to detect when would be the best time of the month to conceive.

She took her temperature every day and logged it in an app called Fertility Friend, but soon discovered herself succumbing to a fertility-obsessed frenzy.

“I constantly analysed the analytics segment of the app to see how my month seemed and whether there was a temperature spike that indicated I was ovulating, ” mentions Kathy, 32, a freelance travelling copywriter.

“I based where reference is actively tried for a baby alone on when the app and ovulation kits told me I was ovulating.”

But after six months of “trying”, Kathy still hadn’t fallen pregnant.