Mom Sparks Outrage Sharing Photo Of Infant Daughter With A Dimple Piercing But There’s A Twist!


That’s one way to start a conversation!

Enedina Vance summoned a lynch mob of critics on Facebook after sharing a picture of her 6-month-old daughter rocking a diamond stud on her dimple.

The post garnered over 13,000 shares and became the target of worldwide outrage — which is EXACTLY what Vance wanted to happen!

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Because the stay-at-home mom from Fostoria, Ohio is actually a strong advocate against piercing or circumcising children — and she edited the photo to get other parents talking about it!

The 35-year-old knew that seeing a picture of a baby with a dimple piercing would spark criticism among her family and friends, so she photoshopped a picture of her daughter and shared it in parenting Facebook groups, writing:

“I make all of her decisions until she’s 18, I made her, I own her!!”

While the post certainly got people talking, Vance definitely didn’t anticipate the sheer amount of outrage she’d get from the satirical image — including hate mail and threats to call Child Protective Services!

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Vance said she wants parents to “hold on to” the anger and shock of seeing this baby “mutilated,” but can’t believe that so many people thought the photo was real. She wrote:

“I seriously can not believe how many people missed that this was purely satirical, I actually used the hashtag #sarcasm. Yet people were still threatening to beat me to death, call child protective services, & take away my children.”

Aside from death threats and hate mail, the mother said she also received tons of positive responses as well. Some parents told Vance they felt they had no choice in whether to have their sons circumcised, to which Vance responded:

“A lot of this responsibility lies on our medical community. They encourage parents. It shouldn’t be an option. It shouldn’t be a question.”

Sounds like she has a lot to say — and now people are finally listening!

Do U agree with this mother’s stance on piercings? How about circumcision? Read her full post (below)!

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