Mama June Shannon Denies She Wore A Fat Suit Before Filming From Not To Hot Wait, This Is Actually A Conspiracy Theory?


Seriously, the Internet discovers the weirdest shit be transformed into eccentric conspiracy assumptions — and no, we don’t just signify President Donald Trump ‘s kooky notions about wiretapping.

Mama June Shannon is now actively denying rumors that she wore a fat suit to disguise( and publicize ?!) her weight loss ahead of the Friday premiere of Mama June: From Not To Hot ,

Speaking on The Domenick Nati Show on Friday to help publicize her new series, Mama June — who first came to renown as the mother of the infamous little sun of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo — addressed the fat suit conspiracy theory, telling:

“Definitely did not wear a fat suit. I was fat.”

She went on to say more, too( below ):

“I never had like an ideal weight in head. I’m pretty much happy where I’m at right now.”


But as for the fat suit conspiracy, well, listen to Mama June is being dealt with the whole thing on video during the course of its interview:

Crazy! And now you know the wacky but-what-if-Mama-June-wasn’t-really-fat conspiracy…

Something tells us Trump is going to tweet about it soon! Then it’ll has become a ** real ** conspiracy theory !! LOLz !!

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