Mama June Blames Her Weight Gain On The Fact That She’s Going Blind


Mama June Shannon is going through a lot right now.

A year after unveiling her dramatic body transformation, the From Not to Hot star says she’s gained 25 pounds due to the complications surrounding her failing vision.

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The 38-year-old tells People that she’s already gone completely blind in her right eye and has undergone four surgeries to repair the little vision she has in her left — a process she says has been “physically and emotionally draining.”

She explained:

“Losing my independence and having to rely on other people for everything has been crazy.”

Mama June’s vision loss in her right eye is due to untreated childhood cataracts, while the damage in her left was over retinal detachment, where the retina separates from the layer underneath.

As she continues to heal from the operations, the reality star says she “can’t do anything” but “lay down most of the time and take care of my vision.”

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Taking care of her optics has understandably become a top priority for Mama June, who isn’t at all worried about the weight she’s put on in the last six months due to her health problems. She explained:

“I’m just focused on getting my vision back. I can lose the weight, I know that. And I know I don’t want to go back over 200 lbs. I’m paying attention to it more.”

Sounds her priorities are in order.

To be closer to her treatment at Duke University hospital, the former pageant mom temporarily relocated herself to North Carolina with her boyfriend Geno Doak. Her daughters Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo are still living in Georgia.

Keep focusing on getting healthy, Mama!!

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