Kim Kardashian Is Toxic! Blac Chyna’s Mom Exposed As An Escort! AND


People are outraged that Kim Kardashian is hawking weight loss lollipops. We’re not! And do we really expect or want her to be a role model?

Dream Kardashian

‘s grandmother secret past as a sex worker! And she’s still engaged in the adult industry!

An update on Meghan Markle‘s father and the royal wedding!

Jared Leto accused of preying on young girls by Dylan Sprouse!

And all of today’s hottest topics, including Christina Aguilera, Kristin Cavallari, Pauley Perrette, Nick Jonas, Nikki Bella, Frances Bean Cobain, T.I., Lindsay Lohan and MORE!

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KIM KARDASHIAN schilling hawking weight loss lollipops:

MEGHAN MARKLE’s father struggling financially:

MEGHAN MARKLE’s sister hospitalized:

JARED LETO accused of preying on young girls:

KRISTIN CAVALLARI’s strict diet for her kids:

PAULEY PERRETTE accused of harassment by ex:

CHRISTINA AGUILERA drops new song:

NICK JONAS reconciling with his ex:

NIKKI BELLA blames distance for split with John Cena:

FRANCES BEAN COBAIN’s bitter divorce:

LINDSAY LOHAN never moving back to Los Angeles:

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