Kanye West Got Rid Of His Phone But Not His Twitter!


Sorry Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West can’t come to the phone right now…

Why? ‘Cause he’s busy working on his new music! Ah, there’s nothing we love more than a Taylor Swift reference in a Kanye story.

Anyway, you probably aren’t on the 40-year-old rapper’s calling list — but if you were, you’d notice that he has been MIA! That’s because he’s gotten rid of his phone altogether!

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Even without his cell, the Yeezy designer was still able to send out an explanation via Twitter, writing:

Whew! We were getting so worried.

He followed up the tweet with a little snippet of what he’s been working on (with what appears to be song titles in the background):

Do U like what U hear?? It kind of sounds like a bunch of pots banging together to us, but we’ll need to hear more!

[Image via WENN.]

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