Jeb and Jeter aren’t an odd couple – they’re two rich guys trying to be richer


The presidential nominee and the former Yankees star appears to have been an unlikely MLB ownership team, but theirs is a very American story

If the Miami Marlins were a legislator, they would be Jeb Bush. Both were expected to be a powerhouse from their inception, but after some early success the Florida Marlins two World Series titles and Jeb twice being elected to run Florida they failed to generate much of a following and eventually became a punchline. Both call Florida home, both are synonymous with lose and few seem to care that either exists. And what was the exclamation point hurled into Jeb ! 2016 s logo but the desperate campaign equivalent of the home run sculpture at Marlins Park. If there wasnt already a Marlins Man, Jeb! would rightfully be given the title. Please clap.

So it seems a perfect fit that Bush contributed the ownership group that has reportedly reached an agreement to purchase the Marlins from current owned Jeffrey Loria for $1.3 billion. The deal must still be approved by Major League Baseball and there are plenty of details to be ironed out, but if everything proceeds as expected, Jeb Bush will be the Marlins new majority owned and he will be joined in the ownership group by Yankees legend Derek Jeter. Yes, Jeb and Jeets. Jeets and Jeb. Together. The oddest pair in sports since Cleveland got a championship trophy.

Outside of the fact that Bush and Jeter both live in Florida, are wealthy and have long-time ties to baseball Jebs father played baseball at Yale and his older brother was an owner of the Texas Rangers before he became chairperson the pair seems to have very little in common. Jeter is one of the most successful musicians in the history of a baseball dynasty; Jeb is the presidential failure from one of Americas political dynasties. Jeter was considered baseballs coolest player during his career; Jeb is considered to be a sweater vest in human shape. Jeter was linked to dozens of simulates and actresses for two decades; Jebs favorite female has always been his mother. Jeter reportedly presented his one-night stands with post-coital endowment containers; Jebs campaign store gave you a guacamole bowl in exchange for $75. Jeter was breathlessly lauded by the New York media every time he moved the athlete over on a ground ball out; Jebs one viral campaign minute was praying a mob to please clap.

Even politically Jeb and Jeets arent likely all that similar beyond the fact that they both dont care much for Donald Trump or his properties.

Jebs brother was replaced in office by Barack Obama and Jeb expended his campaign run speaking out against Obama-era policies, whereas the Yankees shortstop was quite chummy with the 44 th President on and off the golf course. Even down at the implementation of policies level, theres the fact that Bush cut off state funding to Schemed Parenthood while governor of Florida and said during his presidential campaign that the organization is not doing women health issues. Jeter, based on those many relationships throughout his career, has to be a fairly staunch advocate of access to family planning, wouldnt you concur?

Speaking of bedding, there is the well-known saying that politics attains strange bedfellows. That surely is true-life. Bush himself, mocked by the current president for his low energy, was backed by Hollywood action producer Jerry Bruckheimer during the campaign. But while political confederations can bridge subdivides, opportunities to make money can do the job even more efficiently. Loria bought the Marlins for $158.5 m in 2002 and is set to sell them now for $1.3 bn. Thats more than an 800% return on investment in merely 15 times. Who wouldnt hang out with Jeb Bush from time to time for the chance of getting that kind of payout? For that much fund, some people might even be willing to look at Ted Cruz for seconds at a time.

Jeter won his last World Series in 2009 playing everyday alongside Johnny Damon, a former contender on the Boston Red Sox. If he can do that for a echo, he can surely handle some Jeb for the rare opportunity to own a sports team. Other sports legends, from Ted Williams to Wayne Gretzky, have tried and failed at coaching and Jeter says he has no interest in following in their footsteps. But ownership lets him into an exclusive fraternity that includes Mario Lemieux, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Gretzky. Ownership allows him to go from rich to wealthy.

And thinking that Jeter and Jeb are so different may merely be proof that weve all been successfully programmed by the Jeter brand. While Jeter was great on the diamond, what has he ever told or done off the field that was even interesting, let alone exciting? Removed from the mouth of Jeets, much of Jeters words sound very Jeb! He followed the Jordan model of athlete-as-brand and induced it his own. Despite living in the New York media spotlight and playing for his sports marquee dealership for 20 times, 162 games and interviews a year, we somehow never knew much about him beyond the fact that he played baseball, was a leader, wore No2 and enjoyed products made by Gatorade and Nike. Theres not a legislator alive who wouldnt RE2PECT that kind of disciplined messaging. His entire career was designed for him to be able to accept the kind of opportunity he has now, to easily jump in a deal with a legislator from the right or the left, and make a ton of fund. Perhaps Jeter has strong rulings on women rights or immigration or Canadian lumber. Who knows. But hed never set his brand on the line to let anyone know. Most people wouldnt for the opportunities to make a few hundred million.

Jeb and Jeter probably arent that much of an odd pair at all. They are just two rich guys agreeing to become even richer together. It is the modern American tale. Please clap.

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